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Yesware puts powerful sales tools inside your inbox with email tracking

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Yesware is an all-in-one sales toolkit. Connect with prospects, track customer engagement, and close more deals, right from your inbox.

Yesware injects data insights and sales communication tools into your existing email workspace, removing barriers to productivity and empowering sales teams to make smarter decisions, faster.

PRICE:  Starts at $12/mo  |  Visit Site



Understand your prospects by using data on when they opened their email, whether they clicked on the link, and which templates are most effective.

Spend less time manually uploading data into your CRM, Yesware will sync that automatically.

Be even more effective in your sales career.

Close more deals with Yesware.

Who is Product for?

Yesware augments the old-world, process-oriented approach to selling and empowers salespeople with the data-driven insights they need to be successful in today’s fast-paced, competitive sales environment.

“Yesware puts powerful sales tools inside your inbox, with email tracking, phone dialer, and sales automation.”

Key Features

  • Email Tracking
  • Salesforce Task Management
  • Reply Reporting
  • Custom Templates
  • CRM Sync
  • Contact Insights


Yesware helps both the salesperson who is sending the email and the manager who is reporting.

Sales reps spend less time reporting in Salesforce, and more time working to close deals. Sales management gets accurate data on their team’s activity.

Starting at

Pro: $12 per user per month
Team: $25 per user per month
Enterprise: $55 per user per month
Prescriptive Analytics: Custom Pricing

Pricing model

Freemium and subscription

Free trial

Yes, available

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