WP Super Cache generates static HTML files to replace the larger and more difficult to process WordPress PHP scripts. Static HTML files are easy to process, less expensive to run, and take up less room on a server than traditional WP PHP scripts.

The owners of slower or lower-powered sites have traditionally been forced to manually save copies of files to directories to be located later.

With WP Super Cache, gone are the days of manually saving pages and files.

WP Super Cache automatically generates static HTML versions of site pages, storing them in a subdirectory to be served as visitors enter the website.

99% of site visitors will be served static HTML files, leaving your web servers free to handle site traffic quickly without crashing.

A single cached file can be served thousands of times, making WP Super Cache one of the most efficient caching plugins currently available.


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WP Super Cache is a WordPress plugin that generates static hypertext markup language (HTML) files and helps improve page loading speed. 

Who is Product for

WP Super Cache is the perfect tool for anyone looking to boost their site speeds, increase SEO, and improve their site performance. WP Super Cache automatically generates static HTML pages and files to be served to site visitors.

As compared to standard WordPress PHP scripts, static HTML files load more quickly, require less energy from your web servers, and can be viewed thousands of times after a single cache.

WP Super Cache helps to speed up your website and make it more usable by reducing the amount of energy your servers spend on processes PHP scripts.

Users of WP Super Cache find that their sites run more quickly and efficiently with the use of WP Super Cache. WP Super Cache helps users to improve site SEO, retain audience engagement, and grow their client base without worrying that their websites will crash as traffic increases.

Anyone in need of efficient, easy to use website caching can benefit from using WP Super Cache.

“I have tried other plugins for caching my sites, and this one is hands down a truly awesome and simple to use the plugin. [I have not] had one issue at all. The other programs always caused a crash and always conflicted with other plugins. [WP Super Cache] does not, and is very simple to use.”


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