Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), provides developers and IT teams with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage.

It’s easy to use, with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.


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With Amazon S3, you pay only for the storage you actually use. There is no minimum fee and no setup cost.

Amazon S3 offers a range of storage classes designed for different use cases including Amazon S3 Standard for general-purpose storage of frequently accessed data.

AS3 Standard – Infrequent Access (Standard – IA) for long-lived, but less frequently accessed data, and Amazon Glacier for long-term archive.

Once a policy is set, your data will automatically migrate to the most appropriate storage class without any changes to your applications.

Amazon S3 Standard is designed for up to 99.99% availability of objects over a given year.

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Any size business

“Amazon S3 also offers configurable lifecycle policies for managing your data throughout its lifecycle.”




Pricing varies depending on the plan and your usage.

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