Crazy Egg

Visualize Where Your Visitors Click With Heatmaps and Crazy Egg


UPDATED 5/23/22

Crazy Egg combines different tools to give you a better picture of how your website is performing:

  • Heatmap – A picture of where people clicked on your site. It lets you see what is hot and what is not.
  • Confetti – Find out where people click and what brings them there.
  • Scroll map – This shows how far down people are scrolling, so you know at what point people leave the page.
  • Overlay – Learn more about each element on your page.
  • Snapshots – a snapshot-in-time of your webpages and generates five easy-to-understand reports that display your visitors (and users’) click behavior.
  • Recordings – visual reports and individual session recordings to get to know your website visitors


With the power of Crazy Egg’s heatmapping tools, you can:

  • Add an extra layer of insights to your Google Analytics data

  • Drill down to how your email and ad campaign visitors are behaving on-site

  • Make sure your CTAs are being seen

  • Place content in the order of importance to your customers

  • Track what’s going on behind pop up forms or login screens

  • Set a website or page redesign project up for success.



  • $24 per month on Basic Plan
  • $49 per month on Standard Plan
  • $99 per month on Plus Plan
  • $249 per month on Pro Plan
  • All Plans should be Paid Annually


Pricing model:

Annual Subscription

Free trial:

Yes, all plans offer a free trial for the first 30 days.

Key Features

  • Heatmap tool
  • Scroll map tool
  • Overlay tool
  • Confetti tool
  • Works with secure (HTTPS) sites
  • Tracking multiple domains with one account
  • No influence on site speed or performance
  • Tracking iframe and Flash objects
  • A/B Testing


With CrazyEgg you can improve your website without the high costs. It allows you to immediately optimize your website based on your visitor’s usage patterns.

Easy setup

Integrations with popular services like Shopify and WordPress.


Add all of your team members free of charge.

Grows with you

Easy enough to get started. Powerful enough to customize.



The platform is ideal for any team size.