Virtual Summit Success – How to Treat Your Guest Speakers

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To be a good virtual summit host, you need to be prepared to offer a high-value event for your participants and guest speakers.

Another key to success is how you treat your guest speakers before, during, and after the event.

They’re doing you a favor by appearing at your event, so you need to treat them well.

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Share Your Vision

In order for your virtual summit to fulfill its aims, you need your guest speakers to be on board with your vision.

They need to understand the core values behind your business, as well as the “why?” behind your event. Even though they’re doing just one small portion of the summit, they should understand the big picture.

your core values

Communicate with them about your vision. 

Provide Essential Information

In addition to your core values, there is a great deal of information your guest speakers need to know.

You should fill them in on the details of other speakers who are appearing, all topics being presented, and data about your attendees. 

Tell them how many people have registered and pass on any specific questions and concerns people have raised, for example, if someone from your audience suggested the topic and why. 

Also, provide marketing materials they can use to promote your event.

If you create the material, you can control the message. You’ll also make it easier for them to tell their audience about the event. 

Communicate Well and Often

Once a person has agreed to appear at your virtual summit, send them a thank you note but don’t make it your last communication before the event.

Touch base with the speaker a few times leading up to the event. Send a confirmation email and more details as the virtual summit gets closer. 

Set up a private group on social media where you can keep in touch with all your speakers.

On Stand-by for Support

During the actual virtual summit, you should be there for your speakers in case they need you. If it’s live, be on-hand in case there are technical problems or any other issues that arise.

If it’s being pre-recorded, personally supervise the recording. 

Follow Up with Your Guest Speakers

You should follow up with your speakers after the event has closed to say thank you and follow up on anything else they need.

But if you really want to continue to build your relationship with them, now is a good time to suggest a future collaboration or partnership or discuss your plans for your next virtual summit. 

Ask them for feedback to make your summit more of a success next time. Was there anything you could’ve done to make their participation easier?

If you have any feedback from attendees for them, give this to your speakers after the event. They’ll be delighted to know they’ve helped someone.

A good guideline for how to handle guest speakers is to treat them like they’re your customers.

Give them the same attention and bend over backward with support when they need it. This will keep them happy and ensure that your event goes smoothly. 

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