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Entrepreneurs and marketers spend a ton of time getting customers to opt in or subscribe to their email lists and lead-generation offers.

However, they often don’t exert the same amount of effort to ensure that these customers they worked so hard to get stay engaged.

And then they are puzzled (and annoyed) when that “unsubscribed” notification shows up in their inbox. So what should you be doing to prevent this?

First, it’s understanding why they opted in to begin with and how to continue to engage with them so they don’t want to hit that ‘old so sad, unsubscribe’ on the bottom of your email.

So here are our top 7 reasons we usually see people unsubscribe. If you understand why people leave, you can take a proactive approach to prevent this.

1- They never signed up, or didn’t realize they signed up, for your email list

One of the reasons why some people unsubscribe from your email list is because of the lack of building tactics.

What do I mean… well someone may have given you their email address for a ‘White Paper’ offer, but did not expect to have their inbox flooded with email offers to buy your product.

They just assumed they would get access to the article they were initially interested in.

It’s your responsibility once someone provides you with their information to respect it and to create the proper relationship for possible sales opportunity down the road when you’ve earned it.

Tip on how to get a subscriber to your Email List

2- You’re emailing them too often

A frequent reason why people unsubscribe from an email list is that you are emailing them too often, therefore, your content can appear to be spam.

Tip on how frequently you should send an email to your subscriber.

3- They can’t properly view your email

You should make sure your email displays the content correctly and is also available on mobile since most people nowadays use mobile devices.

There should be a setting within the email tool you are using that will allow for mobile and text optimization.

Tip on Mobile-Friendly Email

4- Your email is too cluttered or looks unprofessional

Every email should look professional or people will assume that it is a spam message, which can lead to people unnecessarily unsubscribing from your list.

You also need to make sure that the branding and the messaging are consistent.

There is nothing worse than receiving multiple emails from a company and the branding is inconsistent.

It can confuse the reader as to what your product or service is about.

Tip on how to make your Email look professional.

5- The content isn’t relevant to them

To keep your subscriber engaged, you need to have good content that they see as relevant for their time and inbox space.

Tip on how to create relevant content.

6- You’re always trying to sell them something

Some people use email marketing as an advertisement to produce some product which can lead to them unsubscribing from your email.

In email marketing, you should provide helpful tips that are relevant to your target audience.

If you are unsure how to do this, grab Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, by Gary Vaynerchuk. He does a great job explaining when and how it’s appropriate to offer products to your customers.

Tips on how to make relevant content.

7- They feel your content is boring, unoriginal, and/or repetitive

It can be hard to create valuable content, but it is all worth it if your subscriber finds your content relevant, helpful, and interesting to them.

Subscribers will stay engaged and allow your email to keep coming into their inboxes.

If you find you aren’t the best writer, delegate it. It’s too important of a task to just wing.

Tips on how to make your content interesting.

So how are you keeping your subscribers interested? Love to hear about it. Share your best value add below.

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