The Easiest Way to Get Legal Help and Support


LegalZoom was created with the idea that it should not take thousands of dollars and endless amounts of time to get quality legal help and support. LegalZoom offers accessible legal help for the entrepreneur or individual living in the U.S., and hires attorneys with experience and expertise in the laws of all 50 states.

They offer users the ability to work independently with self-guided legal forms or get the help of a legal expert. LegalZoom handles all the paperwork, charges reasonable flat fees, and only employs the best legal experts and attorneys so you can be sure you are getting the best advice at the best rate every time.


LegalZoom created a self-service app that puts legal services in a user-friendly package and rethinks how one accesses professionals like lawyers and accountants. Through a familiar technology — a mobile app —  the average citizen can approach the law that is designed to protect them and take action on their own. 



LegalZoom offers flat rate fees that vary depending on the service you have chosen. Here is an example of the LLC pricing options from LegalZoom:

  • Economy LLC: $79 + state filing fees
  • Standard LLC: $329 + state filing fees
  • Express Gold LLC: $349 + state filing fees


Pricing model:

Flat Rate, One Time Payment

Free trial:


Key Features

  • LegalZoom completes and files all paperwork and forms for you.
  • Offers legal aid and support for the following situations: formation of a business, business name establishment, tax and permit disputes, trademarking, corporate changes and filings, real estate, business compliance, personal and family planning, and so much more.
  • Simple, flat-rate pricing
  • No robots; LegalZoom employs attorneys and personnel with expertise in legal matters across all 50 states.


  • LegalZoom is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection, so you can get in contact with your legal team anywhere, anytime.
  • LegalZoom pricing is transparent, so you won’t get stuck with unexpected fees.
  • LegalZoom offers legal advice and assistance for every part of life, so you won’t have to manage multiple accounts and can handle everything in one place.



LegalZoom is a one-stop-shop for all things legal. LegalZoom offers business formation services, and can help you file for an LLC, establish a corporation, etc. LegalZoom also offers personal legal services, helping customers create wills, living trusts, and estate plans. LegalZoom also helps customers to protect their intellectual property with copyrights and trademarks, and offers legal council for anyone wanting to speak directly to a lawyer.

LegalZoom is for anyone that needs legal advice or assistance, whether it be for personal or business purposes. LegalZoom offers all the legal services you need at reasonable prices, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking for high-quality and affordable legal services. LegalZoom is one of the only and best online legal solutions available today.

“[Without LegalZoom] I probably would have not felt comfortable, both from a time and money and effort standpoint, establishing as many brands as I did.”