Uses Voice to Text Recognition Software to Transcribe Your Audio Files


Temi is a super-fast transcription service that uses automated voice to text software to quickly transcribe audio files to text.

Using a proprietary voice to text algorithm designed by Temi’s machine learning specialists, Temi turns your audio files into usable transcripts in just minutes.



Temi does it all, accurately turning your audio files into text, including timestamps, and creating custom speaker labels for easier reading.

Once your transcript has been created, use Temi’s simple editing tool to go through the transcript and quickly make changes where necessary.

Speed up, remove, edit, or adjust your transcript where necessary to create the perfect final draft.

Once you are ready, Temi lets you export your transcript as a Word file, PDF, or closed caption file for easier use and viewing.



All Transcripts: $0.25/per audio minute

Pricing model:

Pay Per Minute

Free trial:

One free transcript under 45 minutes

Key Features

  • Submit any audio or video file
  • Receive transcript in only 5 minutes
  • Review and edit transcript right in the app
  • Proprietary speech recognition software
  • Export or save your transcript to your computer or device
  • Timestamps
  • Speaker labels
  • 85% accuracy


  • Great for podcasters, speakers, teachers, YouTubers, press conferences, interviews, meetings etc.
  • Fast turnaround
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy editing and reviewing



Temi makes transcription available to everyone at any budget and is an incredible tool that can help you turn audio files into text quickly and affordably.

If you need a speech, interview, lecture, conversation, or any other kind of audio file transcribed, Temi is the fastest place to do so. Temi promises fast turnarounds, with transcripts available in 5 minutes or less.

Temi’s proprietary voice to text algorithm works hard to create accurate transcripts, but even so, you still have the option to make your own edits once your transcript has been delivered.

If you are on a budget, need an audio file transcribed quickly, and love the idea of being able to edit and manage your own transcripts, Temi might just be for you.

This affordable alternative to other transcription services is fast, easy to use, and a service that virtually anyone can afford.

“I love Temi and consider it a secret weapon. I run a film production company and use it for almost every project. It allows me to quickly and easily move around material to do paper edits for our films. It also allows me to share raw materials with clients, editors, writers, and other producers. It is extremely cost-effective, especially in consideration of the immense amount of time it saves me on every project.”