Need an Audio File Transcribed?


If you need a text version of an audio file but don’t want to spend the time finding a professional transcriber, try using instead. is a professional transcription tool that makes getting your files transcribed easier than ever before.

Simply upload your file to the site, choose the kind of transcription service you need, and one of Rev’s professional transcribers will deliver a perfectly formatted transcript of your file.

More affordable than most transcription services and offering a variety of transcription services, is one of the easiest ways to convert audio files to text. offers transcripts by professional transcribers, automated bot transcription, captions for videos, translation, and much more.


Their software enables freelancers to seamlessly transcribe, caption, subtitle, and translate content in one simple interface. 



  • Transcript: $1.25/minute
  • Captions: $1.25/minute
  • Foreign Subtitles: $3-7/minute


Pricing model:

Pay Per Minute, Pay Per Word

Free trial:


Key Features

  • Polished transcript by human professionals (99% accurate)
  • Rough draft machine-generated transcripts
  • English captions (FCC compliant)
  • Foreign subtitles
  • Translation


  • Most affordable transcription service
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Reliable and accurate
  • No need for edits/grammar checks



If you need audio or video files converted into easy-to-read text files, is for you. can do it all: translation, transcription, subtitles, and more. users love for how easy it is – just upload, choose a service, and get an awesome product.

They can provide transcripts for anything: YouTube videos, speech recordings, interviews, studies/focus groups, meetings, and more.

Rev specializes in fast turnarounds at an affordable price, but that doesn’t mean you will be sacrificing quality.

Polished transcripts from Rev are 99% accurate, so you won’t need to go back through and make edits once the job is done.

Need captions for a video? offers FCC compliant captioning services and even foreign subtitles so you can reach a wider, more diverse audience.

“I am so grateful to have discovered It has made my dreams of teaching and writing materialize so quickly. I have been speaking to college students for over 15 tears and asked over and over why I have not written a book. Recording and transcribing my workshops with has streamlined the process and a first draft is imminent. The accuracy and speedy turn around leave me no choice but to get the work done.”