Enhances Productivity & Reduces Product’s Time to Market


Binfire is an online project management and collaboration application for distributed teams.

It helps virtual teams to plan, track and coordinate several projects at one time using a common workspace.

Binfire brings all tools needed by teams in one place so all tasks, discussions, comments, and files associated with the project are accessible in one easy to use application.

This creates a virtual office space that enhances communication and collaboration in the team.


Binfire scales as your team grows.



  • Basic Plan – $6/month/user
  • Pro Plan – $9/mo/user
  • Corp Plan – $12/mo/user
  • Enterprise – $18/mo/user

Binfire’s licenses are per plan. Each plan enables a number of users to collaborate on a project.

Free trial:

Yes, 14-day trial

Key Features

  • Collaborative project planning & scheduling
  • Task & subtasks (6 levels deep)
  • Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Dependencies & predecessors
  • Project Dashboard
  • User Dashboard
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Interactive PDF markup
  • Attaching of files to tasks
  • Task and file staring to follow an item
  • Commenting on tasks
  • Task reordering, copy & move
  • Status reporting using secure Twitter page
  • Project Folder
  • Configurable User Permissions
  • File version & history
  • Mobile applications coming soon
  • Instant page update when anything changes


Binfire is a real-time collaborative project management application in the market today. It is designed from the ground up to help distributed (or virtual teams) work together efficiently.


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Binfire is an online project management and collaboration application for both traditional & distributed teams. It improves team productivity.

“Plan, Track and Finish your Work faster!”