Accept Payments Effortlessly


Square offers business owners an easy way to accept payments with the use of their payment software and hardware systems. No matter where you sell, Square makes accepting payments easy, safe, and fast.


Square can be used in-person to physically swipe cards and accept payment. Square can also be used as an online payment processor, perfect for e-commerce sellers that need to accept payments online.

Along with their payment processing software, Square offers a range of payment hardware products that make running a business easier.

Plug the Magstripe right into your phone, and accept payments from anywhere. Snag the Square Stand that features a chip reader and a touch screen so your customers can sign for their purchases more easily.




  • Square Point of Sale: Free
  • Square for Restaurants: $60/location per month +$40 for every additional POS
  • Square for Appointments: $50/month for 2-5 employees, $90/month for 6-10 employees
  • Square for Retail: $60/month per location (1 POS) +$20 for every additional POS


  • Magstripe: First reader free, $10 for every additional reader
  • Contactless and Chip: $49 per reader
  • Square Stand: $199 or $18/month
  • Square Terminal: $399 or $37/month
  • Square Register: $799 or $39/month


  • Square Point of Sale: 2.75% per payment
  • Square for Restaurants: 2.6% + 10¢ per payment
  • Square Appointments: 2.75% for individuals; 2.5% + 10¢ per payment for 2-5 employees; 2.5% + 10¢ per payment for 6-10 employees; 3.5% + 10¢ for every manual payment
  • Square for Retail: 2.5% + 10¢ per payment; 3.5% + 15¢ for every manual payment

Pricing model:

Free, Pay Per Product, Pay Per Transaction, Monthly Subscription

Free trial:


Key Features

  • Payment processing software for any kind of business: Square Point of Sale, Square for Restaurants, Square for Retail, and Square for Appointments
  • Hardware: Reader for Magstripe, Reader for Contactless and Chip, Terminal, Stand, Register
  • Easily and instantly process payments online or in person


  • Process payments without the hassle of typical complex point of sale systems
  • Process payments on the go with the Magstripe reader
  • Low fees
  • Easy to use
  • Secure payments so your customers’ information is protected
  • Encrypted payments
  • Dispute management
  • Live support
  • Next-business-day deposits



The Square point of sale system is a super easy to use payment software designed for businesses at every level. Square software comes in a variety of versions, like Square for Restaurants or Square for Retail as well as the generic Square Point of Sale. Any business owner needing to accept payments either in person or online can benefit from using Square products.

Besides amazing software, Square also offers payment hardware, including small card readers that can be used anywhere, chip readers, payment screens, and full digital payment registers. The Square line of products can make even the smallest retail operation feel professional, and takes the confusion and complexity out of online and in person payments

“We cannot say enough good things about Square. We’ve used it for about 6 years for some family businesses. It’s affordable, clear, clean and does exactly what we need it to do for a small company.”