A Mind Mapping Tool to Help You Think


SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that can help you organize and examine your thoughts, ideas, and projects. By creating mind maps around a central theme, you can more easily come up with ideas, connect themes, see patterns/themes, learn to see relationships between data, and even improve your memory.

With SimpleMind, you can easily create complex and detailed mind maps with ease. SimpleMind also has extra features like inserting photos or graphics so you can fully customize your mind maps.


SimpleMind is a word-class and outstanding mind mapping solution that simplifies the process of structuring, analyzing, and presenting thoughts. The solution is a cross-platform mind map editor which means visual thinking can be performed on multiple device types, whether Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. 

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SimpleMind Free is a completely free version of this amazing mind mapping tool. With SimpleMind Free, you can make unlimited mind maps in any style you want, but you will not have the customization capabilities of the paid versions.

SimpleMind Full is the paid version, which offers you more options for customization and adding features. If you are not sure if you want to commit to SimpleMind Full, try SimpleMind Trial free for 30 days.

  • SimpleMind Free: Free
  • SimpleMind Trial: Free trial of Full for 30 days
  • SimpleMind Full: Starts at €24.99 ($28); one-time purchase

Pricing model:

Free, One Time Purchase

Free trial:

Yes; 30 days of SimpleMind Full for free

Key Features

  • Intuitive Mind Mapping
  • Multiple Mind Map styles
  • Map sync
  • Fully customizable free form Mind Maps
  • Automatic map layout
  • Add photos, graphics, etc.


  • Improve organization of thoughts, ideas, and projects
  • Visualize patterns and themes
  • Learn to make connections between different types of data
  • Improve memory and retention
  • Increase creative productivity
  • Improve test scores and study skills for children and adults
  • Tackle challenges creatively
  • SimpleMind Runs on MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices



SimpleMind is for anyone that needs to organize their thoughts or ideas. Simple mind is a popular tool used by teachers, writers, marketers, designers, and countless professionals in every industry. SimpleMind allows you to map your thoughts around a central idea, which can help you identify themes and organize creative projects.

SimpleMind isn’t only used by professionals; students find that the use of SimpleMind as a study tool helps them with memory and retention of material. Anyone that needs an extra boost of productivity can benefit from mind mapping their ideas with SimpleMind.

“SimpleMind is a word-class and outstanding mind mapping solution that simplifies the process of structuring, analyzing, and presenting thoughts.”