LastPass remembers all your login details of your sites

LastPass remembers all the various login details of all your sites and stores it in your vault


LastPass provides a central location from which you can manage all employee and company logins and passwords.

Employees are given a single username and master password which they can use to access all the sites saved to their LastPass account.

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Singing into LastPass gives you access to your “vault” where you can save sites, edit the login details for your saved sites and auto-generate strong passwords for sites.

LastPass remembers all the various login details of all your sites and stores it in your vault.

The next time you go to login to one of these saved sites LastPass will automatically fill this form in for you.

LastPass also prompts you to save new login details of sites you are accessing for the first time.

By logging in with the same account, LastPass can be used on multiple devices, at home, on the go or in the office.

LastPass can be downloaded as an add on to any browser

Who is Product for?

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business, Freelancers

“Security starts with strong passwords. Give IT more control and solve employee frustrations when you manage passwords with LastPass.”


G2 4.4/5                                                                                                                                            TrustRadius 9.1/10                                                                                                                                    GetApp 4.67/5

Key Features

  • Multi Browser download & sync
  • Autofill login details
  • User password vault
  • Admin control panel
  • Auto-save new login data
  • Link personal/business accounts
  • Security scores
  • Configurable policies
  • Automated reporting
  • Backup documents
  • Shared folders
  • Password generator
  • Password audits
  • Automated breach alerts
  • Multifactor authentication options
  • Automated notifications
  • AD/LDAP & API Integration
  • Active directory integration
  • Centralized admin console
  • Single sign-on for cloud apps


  • Strong data protection: ES 256-bit encryption with routinely-increased PBKDF2 iterations.
  • Multifactor authentication: Add another security layer to your login processes with a second login step.
  • One password for all sites: Create an account with a single user name and strong master password and use this to access all your accounts.
  • Multi-browser: Download LastPass on any browser, log in and the app saves as an add-on to your browser.
  • Automated login: LastPass will automatically fill in your login details on all your saved sites. Prompting you to save login details of new sites.
  • Employee onboarding/ offboarding: Onboard and offboard employees in realtime with single-click access blocking.
  • Manage vendor accounts: Provision and deprovision vendor accounts with SCIM and custom vendor APIs.


For their personal plan

Premium – $2 per user/month*

Families – $4 per user/month*


Pricing model:

Free & Subscription

Free trial:

Yes, Lastpass offers a 14 day free trial


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