The Next-Generation Click Tracker, Rotator, and Link Manager by ClickMagick


ClickMagick is currently just a small, self-funded team of 3 – but they’re 110% dedicated to building the most kick-ass click tracking and link management system for online direct response marketers on the planet.


They’re marketers first, and product creators second. Combined, they’ve generated over $10 million in revenue online. Even their lead programmer Jayson has made 6-figures as an affiliate. They know making money online, they know tracking, and they can help YOU make more money.




Start with a 14-Day free trial, and then you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

Starter Plan – $37 per month
Standard Plan – $77 per month
Pro Plan – $197 per month


Pricing model:


Free trial:

Yes, a 14-day trial

Key Features

  • Automatic Split-Test Winner Alerts
  • Money Layer Technology
  • Advanced Retargeting
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links
  • Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Content Locking
  • 24/7 Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring
  • Auto Traffic-Bot Filtering
  • GEO And Mobile Targeting
  • FB and Google Analytics Compatible
  • Simplicity, Ease-Of-Use, Reliability & Speed
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators


  • Offers 5 different kinds of pop-ups – including “on load” or delayed, exit pops, and exit redirects – that you can add to ANY site.
  • Able to increase exposure to all your offers and dramatically boost sales by following your visitors all over the web.
  • Gives you full control over the sales process.
  • Automatically assigns a unique Traffic Quality Score to all your tracking links.
  • Dynamically send visitors to different pages based on their GEO location.



  • They do everything themselves, all in-house. They can iterate faster than probably any software provider you’ve ever dealt with, and they encourage you to challenge us. Unlike the guy who outsourced some “script” to a random coder on the other side of the world – and who doesn’t even know how it really works – they respond to feedback, fix bugs, and add new features in a matter of minutes, hours and days – not months (if at all!).
  • When you buy a script for a one-time fee, the developer has no incentive to further develop and support the product – and you’re usually left high and dry. Their model allows them to focus 110% on continuing to improve ClickMagick for you, as opposed to churning out new “product launches” every month or two.