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[Book] Right of Publicity

Analysis, Valuation and the Law


This book is a clear and accessible examination of the topic that is designed to appeal to legal advisors, business and talent managers, and celebrities themselves.


By: Weston Anson
Pages: 268
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Right of publicity is multi-faceted, complex, and continuing to evolve.

Right of Publicity: Analysis, Valuation, and the Law is a valuable resource for the critically important method of valuing rights of publicity and celebrity brands in addition to providing guidance in striking stronger and more lucrative deals.


Part I addresses the legal context: the genesis of the right of publicity, common law precedence, pioneering case studies, and an overview of today’s relevant and seminal cases.

Part II deals with the parallels between traditional brands and celebrity brands, as well as detailing the business, finance, and analytical issues of right of publicity valuation.

Part III covers the structuring, pricing, and challenges of deals for all types of celebrities.

With this invaluable book, anyone who works with the right of publicity will:

– Know and understand today’s law and deal-making, and how the evolving shifting social media and Internet playing field affects right of publicity
– Be able to engage in more and better deals with fewer problems Learn how to earn greater income from rights of publicity.


About the Author

Wes Anson is chairman of CONSOR, an intellectual asset consulting firm specializing in trademark, patent, and copyright licensing, valuations, and expert testimony, with offices in California, New York, and London. CONSOR’s clients include Caterpillar, Donna Karan, Amazon.com, General Motors, Harrods, McDonald’s, and numerous others.

Mr. Anson is a previous co-chair of the American Bar Association’s Trademark Licensing subcommittee, is co-chair of the Asset Sales Committee for the American Bankruptcy Institute, and is a member of numerous other committees and professional organizations.

In addition, he is an international intellectual property arbitrator with National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM). Mr. Anson is a frequent speaker and author, wth more than 150 articles to his credit, as well as several books. He received an MBA with honors from Harvard University.


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