Repurpose Content Created by Your Fans


You can use the customizable calendar and planner to organize and collaborate on campaigns.

The planner takes into account all your unique marketing data such as target audiences, channels, business objectives, contextual triggers, and brand identity guidelines to ensure your campaigns are committed to your brand.

Using the marketing calendar you can schedule content for multiple channels, share content with team members for review, and add comments to content.


Percolate has the following typical customers: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business.

“Percolate is where the brand meets execution and governance, which is an enticing appeal to marketers executing on branding through dozens, if not hundreds, of channels and executions.”



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Pricing model:

One time license

Free trial:

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Key Features

  • Media asset library
  • Multi-channel marketing calendar
  • Content inspiration tools
  • Third-party content sourcing
  • Content creation
  • Content sharing & commenting
  • Integrated publishing and paid media tools
  • Percolate Ambassador app
  • Targeted, custom experiences
  • FanBranded – user-gen content procurement
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Percolate Photographer


  • Percolate Media Library: Store all your marketing images and videos in one place. Use tagging, filtering, searching and sorting to find and post content.
  • Cross-channel marketing calendar: Add custom marketing channels to your calendar, organize topics by tags, and add inline briefs and conversation streams to the planner.
  • Content sourcing: Percolate Certified Content Partners generate high-quality, content that has been vetted to meet certain standards. These include Scripted, Getty Images, Visually, FlashStock, Twenty20 and Tongal.
  • User-gen content: Use FanBranded, Percolate’s user-generated procurement app, to repurpose content created by your fans.
  • Analytics: Use custom reporting & analytics to understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.
  • Integrations: Multiple 3rd party integrations with digital asset management, CSM, CRM, email & marketing automation, advertising & analytics apps.