Provides Share Buttons, Targeting Tools, and Content Suggestions


AddThis connects people to content and enables marketers to develop more personal and effective relationships with their current and future customers.

Over the past decade, over 15 million sites — from Fortune 100 companies to individual bloggers — have adopted AddThis’ expanding suite of customizable website marketing tools to increase social sharing, improve engagement and drive conversions.


As a result, AddThis offers unparalleled insight into the interests and behaviors of over 1.9 billion web visitors.

This vast global footprint reaches 96% of the U.S. web — ranking above Google and Facebook in comScore for distributed content and ad reach.

Hundreds of brands and agencies now work with AddThis’ sophisticated Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform to discover unexpected audience insights, inform campaign strategies and seamlessly execute effective campaigns through paid, earned or owned media.

Beautifully simple sharing buttons to help you get likes and shares



Nothing! AddThis tools are absolutely free for anyone to install on their website or blog.

Key Features

  • Audience Targeting Rules
  • Faster Page Load Time
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Increased SEO
  • Smart Content
  • Priority Support


  • Simple Activation
  • Track Metrics that Matter
  • Works Everywhere


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