Our principles for using AI-generated content on various properties within the zindo+co marketplace

zindo+co marketplace uses OpenAI Service to generate some of the text and code examples that we publish on zindo+co and zindolabs.com. This article describes our approach for using OpenAI to generate technical content that supports our products and services.

At zindo+co marketplace we’re working to add articles, courses, and how-to’s to zindo+co properties that contain AI-generated content. Over time, more topics will feature AI-generated text, images and code samples.

Our Principals

Here we believe that AI is a powerful tool that can help us create amazing content for our customers and our business.

However, we also recognize that AI comes with certain challenges and responsibilities that we need to address.

That’s why we have developed the following principles to guide our use of AI in our content creation. These principles reflect our values, our goals, and our commitment to ethical and responsible AI.

  • Value: We use AI to create value for our customers and our business, by enhancing our products and services, improving our efficiency and productivity, and generating new insights and opportunities.
  • Quality: We use AI to ensure the quality of our content, by applying rigorous standards of accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and consistency, and by testing and validating our AI models and outputs regularly.
  • Ethics: We use AI to uphold the highest standards of ethics, by respecting human dignity, rights, and values, by avoiding bias and discrimination, and by adhering to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Engagement: We use AI to foster engagement with our customers and our team, by providing personalized, interactive, and collaborative experiences, by soliciting feedback and input, and by promoting learning and growth.
  • Innovation: We use AI to drive innovation in our content creation, by exploring new possibilities, experimenting with new formats and styles, and leveraging the latest technologies and trends.
  • Responsibility: We use AI to act responsibly for our content, by being transparent about our use of AI and its limitations, by ensuring the privacy and security of our data and our customers’ data, and by being accountable for our actions and outcomes.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing you with accurate and comprehensive learning experiences for zindo+co products and services. By using AI-generated content, we can extend the content for your scenarios. We can provide more examples in more languages. We can cover solutions in greater detail. We can cover new scenarios more rapidly.

We understand that AI-generated content isn’t always accurate. We test and review AI-generated content before we publish it.


We’re transparent about articles that contain AI-generated content. All articles that contain any AI-generated content include text acknowledging the role of AI. You’ll see this text at the end of the article.


For articles that contain AI-generated content, our authors use AI to augment their content creation process. For example, an author plans what to cover in the article, and then uses OpenAI to generate part of the content. Or, the author runs a process to convert an existing article from one language to another language. The author reviews and revises the AI-generated content. Finally, the author writes any remaining sections.

These articles contain a mix of authored content and AI-generated content and are clearly marked as containing AI-generated content.


The author reviews all AI-generated content and revises it as needed. After the author has reviewed the content, the article goes through our standard validation process to check for formatting errors, and to make sure the terms and language are appropriate and inclusive. The article is eligible for publishing only after passing all validation tests.

AI Models

Currently, we’re using large language models from OpenAI accessed through OpenAI Service to generate content. Specifically, we’re using the GPT-4, GPT-3 and Codex language models.

We may add other AI services in the future and will update this page periodically to reflect our updated practices.

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