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ThingLink is an interactive media platform that empowers publishers, educators, brands, and bloggers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos and videos.

With 2M content creators, ThingLink has become the most popular cross-platform solution and creative community for interactive media.


Use ThingLink to create interactive news photography, maps, posters, family albums, infographics, and shoppable product catalogs in minutes!

You can keep track of how people interact with your content as it spreads across the web.

Start digital storytelling with interactive images on Thinglink



Thinglink offers a 14 day free on their basic plan.

  • PRO – $25/month billed annually
  • PREMIUM – $125/month billed annually
  • VIP – Contact Thinglink for a Custom Quote

Pricing model:


Free trial:

Yes, ThingLink offers a 14 day free trial.

Key Features

  • Premium features
  • Corporate features
  • Premium education features
  • Thinglink education
  • Pro plus features
  • Pro features
  • Whitelabel features
  • Verified Organization Administrator Features
  • Verified Organization Teacher Features


  • Engagement and pride and high sense of accomplishment
  • Students explain key messages in their work
  • Forces students to come up with a coherent story(line)
  • Allows students to the freedom to be creative and informative
  • Integrates well with science and other subjects
  • Allows students to be resourceful in their work
  • Multi-step work familiarizes students with various applications
  • Easily shared, especially with their parents