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The most important element of any copywriting is the call to action.

After filling the reader’s head with images of the wonderful new life that your product or offer is going to give them, you have to tell them exactly what to do in order to make it happen.

You need to give them a nudge. 

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The Elements of a Good Call to Action

The call to action is short and very clear.

It tells the reader the one simple action they need to take in order to get these wonderful benefits.

It should emphasize the change that’s going to happen in the reader’s life. For example, “click here” or “subscribe now” are pretty weak calls to action.

They’re very clear in what they’re instructing the reader to do, but they don’t touch on the benefits.

A better call to action is something like, “Get Access Now.” It emphasizes the “getting.” It focuses on the end result that you’ve been promising the reader throughout your copy.

Calls to action should be short, but you can include a few key benefits as bullet points.

Keep the wording as short as possible and make each word count. Use active verbs and refer to benefits.

Guarantees and Urgency

Two things that really spice up a call to action are guarantees and urgency.

A guarantee removes that final doubt from the reader’s mind. It tells them they don’t need to worry about anything and reminds them of your refund policy (if you have one).

The guarantee should say to the reader, “You have nothing to lose.” 

Urgency adds a time element. It could be something as simple as adding the word “now” as in the example above. Or it could be more serious, like a time limit for the offer or limited supply. 

Formatting and Your Call to Action

Formatting is just as important as the wording you use. Your customer has to be able to find the call to action. It should be placed on the website in such a way that it stands out from all of the other text.

Use different colors to differentiate. You can also place it in several places, including near the top where it will be easily seen.

Testing Your Call to Action

There are many elements of your copy that you can test.

call to action

The call to action is one of the most important. Run A/B tests and experiment with the wording, formatting, and elements of your call to action. 

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