Maximize Conversions & Website Engagement with Contentsquare


Clicktale is now part of Contentsquare.

They offer a number of features that combined give a deeper understanding of website engagement and how your users behave whilst on your site.

These features include session playbacks, a selection of heat maps, a conversion funnel, form analytics, and a number of site efficiency tools.


Contentsquare’s session playback gives you a recording of all browser sessions, showing how users navigate across your site and which elements they interact with most.

Contentsquare also includes a graphic conversion funnel that shows your visitor’s page-to-page journey across your site, allowing you to see where customers drop off and the highest converting paths.

Furthermore, the app offers form analytics to identify the fields that are filled out the most.



Pricing is based on the solution you buy. Please contact Contentsquare for a custom quote.

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Free trial:

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Key Features

  • Mouse move heatmaps
  • Click heatmaps
  • Attention heatmaps
  • Scroll reach heat maps
  • Campaign tracking
  • Mouse tracker
  • Link analytics
  • Conversion funnels
  • Form analytics
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Mobile site analytics
  • Optimize for touch devices
  • Bounce report
  • JS errors tool
  • Page console for an overview 


  • Session playback: See the recording of browser sessions to understand how your users move, scroll, and click.
  • Data-rich heat maps: See a variety of heat maps to understand the parts of the page users engage with most. Includes: click heatmaps, scroll reach heatmaps, link analytics, attention heatmaps, and mouse move heatmaps.
  • Conversion Funnels: See a visual graphic representation of your visitors’ page-to-page journey. Drill down to session playbacks.
  • Form Analytics: See which fields users fill out the most and which they leave blank helping to optimize your forms and avoid drops out.
  • Site Efficiency Tools: See a set of reports such as JS error reports and bounce reports. Access a page console to see an overview of page performance.