A Review Monitoring and Management Platform


Reputology is a feedback monitoring and management platform that helps businesses capture what customers are saying.


  • Listen everywhere
  • Engage your customers
  • Identify opportunities to improve

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  • Partner – $25/month/seat
  • Agency – $40/month/seat
  • Professional – $60/month/seat

*There are ‘seat’ minimums per each plan.


Pricing model:


Free trial:

No free trial offered

Key Features

  • Respond Quickly
  • Monitor Multiple Locations
  • Identify Improvements
  • Track Your Performance
  • Capture V.O.C.
  • Benchmark Against Competitors


  • Get time sensitive email alerts. Reputology scans customer feedback for negative experiences. Your team receives an email notification so that they can act fast.
  • Reputology gives you enterprise-level reporting and management tools, so you have visibility on what customers are saying and how your team is responding across the entire organization.
  • Uncover recurring issues that are impacting your organization. Reputology aggregates and analyzes your customers’ comments so that you can identify and address the source of the problem.
  • Gain insight on your key performance metrics. Reputology’s analytics makes it easy for you to spot trends and compare store performance.
  • Gather customer feedback in an automated fashion. Reputology makes it simple and easy to integrate the Voice of the Customer into your decision making process.
  • Know your competition better than they know themselves. Reputology measures their performance and lets you understand how your business stacks up.



Product typically serves:

Single locations, multiple locations, and agencies