Offers Email Intelligence, Email Validation, & Email Append


TowerData works with marketers, database analysts and IT professionals to improve their contact databases by validating email addresses for better deliverability, providing email intelligence to improve personalization, and adding email addresses to expand their marketing reach.


Combining the industry-leading email database with a dedication to exceptional client focus and the highest accuracy, we have been the go-to email data resource since 2001.

Engage a higher portion of your email list with a more personalized experience.



Their pricing for email validation starts at $0.01/query, with just a $100 monthly minimum through our API, and a $100 minimum per file in batch.

B2C Pricing-Email Append
Prices per number of contacts matched. Minimum $500 per order.

Pricing model:

Open Source, One time Payment

Free trial:

No free trial offered

Key Features

  • Increase email list by 25%
  • Higher match rate
  • Permission-based and CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Data on 80% of U.S. email addresses
  • Real-time data appends
  • Create personalized, targeted offers
  • Find postal addresses and social media profiles
  • Enable personalization and segmentation
  • Improve your email reputation
  • Increase your inbox delivery rate
  • Remove invalid and problematic email addresses
  • Validate and repair email addresses
  • Spam trap suppression
  • Domain checks


  • Identify dormant or unresponsive email addresses that are valid, actively used and most likely to respond to your offer.
  • TowerData’s database has over 500 million emails, names, and postal addresses, and you can license it for installation on your premises.
  • Increase the size of your email list by 25% on average – in a matter of days.
  • Increase your marketing efficiency and cost-effectiveness by using appended emails to reach more customers and drive sales.
  • Create personalized, targeted offers –
    Customize subject lines, content, images, calls to action, offers, landing pages and more with enhanced data.
  • Create context for behavior –
    Understand customer behavior based on who they are, where they live, and what they’re interested in.
  • API – Verify email addresses in real-time on a website or mobile device.
  • Automated Batch – Submit email list for automated processing via FTP and receive results within hours.
  • Full Service – Send us your file by email or through our website, and we’ll return results within a couple of days.


G2 4.2/5


Towerdata is intended for Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profits, Public Administrations, and Small Business.

“Use our data to immediately appeal to a new lead based on his or her characteristics and interests.”