Makes Using Gmail Easier


The Mailplane app is the perfect app for anyone who loves Gmail but hates using it through a browser. Rather than cluttering up your browser, the Mailplane app makes it easier than ever before to manage your contacts, calendar, and Gmail accounts all from one place.

Manage all your accounts from one place, and access features not available to browser version users. The features of Mailplane allow you to perform searches across accounts, sync and manage all contacts and events, access efficiency and communication tools, and can integrate with other macOS apps like Evernote, Apple Photos, and Todoist.


With Mailplane, I launch the app and watch it automatically log me in to an unlimited number of Google accounts. These days that means three personal and two work accounts, each given a dedicated tab in the app. It sounds minor, but having tabs that I can hotkey between for all of my personal and professional inboxes and calendars is critical to my workflow.” Mailplane

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Mailplane is a single purchase app, and once purchased, the license can be used on any Mac you own. In order to test Mailplane prior to purchase, a free 15-day trial is offered to new customers.

Multiple user purchases are available to companies and institutions, and buying multiples can help save your business money.

Pricing model:

Mailplane Personal License: One time purchase of $29.95

Mailplane Family License: One time purchase of $39.95 for up to 5 users living in one home

Free trial:

Yes; 15 day free trial of Mailplane

Key Features

  • All in one app with sync capabilities to combine and organize multiple accounts
  • Mac menu bar/desktop notifications
  • Search simultaneously across all accounts
  • Add graphics and annotations for easier responses
  • MacOS app integrations available for apps like Evernote and Todoist
  • Available extensions like Grammarly and Zoom
  • App available for English, Japanese, German, French, and Spanish speakers


  • Manage Gmail accounts without cluttering browser windows
  • Search accounts simultaneously without the need to log in or out
  • See how many unread emails you have without needing to open the app
  • Get notified of new emails with desktop notifications
  • Integrate with other MacOS apps for improved efficiency