An Inbound Marketing and Sales Platform


HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform that covers a vast array of features and capabilities. The software can be used to carry out, track and measure all your online marketing activities such as blogging, email marketing, and social media marketing.


You can also use HubSpot to create landing pages and calls-to-action, as well as to get SEO tips. Furthermore, HubSpot acts as a content management system enabling you to update your website content, optimize it for search, and adjust it for mobile. You can even use the Smart Content tool to personalize your website to each visitor.

All-In-One Marketing Software Transform your marketing into something people love



  • Free Plan for $0/mo (limited services)
  • Starter Plan for $50/mo
  • Pro Plan for $500/month billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan for $1,200/month billed annually

Plans from the Starter plan up required an Onboarding set-up fee


Pricing model:


Free trial:

Yes, 14-day trial

Key Features

  • Business blogging
  • Social media management
  • Lead management
  • Create landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • Email campaign management
  • Marketing Channel Analytics
  • CTA reporting
  • Full-funnel Analytics
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Multiple 3rd party integration
  • Mobile app


Less Hassle

  • Why have seven different accounts to manage your marketing — and for that matter, seven different passwords to remember? With HubSpot, your entire marketing arsenal is in one place.

More Power

  • Because everything is integrated, each component goes further. Marketing automation goes beyond email. SEO tools give you more than keywords. Integration means everything is more powerful.

Better Support

  • With HubSpot every customer gets fully supported. You won’t get boxed out of support if you’re not an enterprise customer. And you won’t have to wait endlessly on hold. In fact, we’ll call you — in about 5 min.