Maxymiser | Test, target and personalize what a customer sees

Maxymiser offers cloud-based testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions for brands to boost engagement and revenue .


Maxymiser is a leading provider of cloud-based software that enables marketers to test, target and personalize what a customer sees on a Web page or mobile app, substantially increasing engagement and revenue.

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Maxymiser optimizes over 20 billion customer experiences per month for brands such as HSBC, Lufthansa, Tommy Hilfiger and Wyndham.

Oracle Marketing Cloud is already the fastest growing software platform for modern marketers in the world.

The addition of Maxymiser to Oracle Marketing Cloud will strengthen the most comprehensive solution to manage marketing programs across all digital channels and across the customer lifecycle.

Personalize and Optimize any Web, Mobile, and Apps Experience

Who is Product for

For brands such as HSBC, Lufthansa, Tommy Hilfiger and Wyndham.

“With Oracle Marketing Cloud there’s no other tool that I’ve seen to get that 1:1 marketing that we need.”



  • TrustRadius 7.2/10 
  • G2 3.8/5                                                                                                  

Key Features

  • A/B or split testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Site wide changes
  • Cross-domain testing
  • White label


  • Helping brands optimize booking funnels
  • Enhance meta-searches
  • Increase ancillary sales through sophisticated online testing


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Table of Contents

On Key

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