Just getting started with email and don’t have a list yet?

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Here’s a quick way to jumpstart your email list.

Getting started with building an email list can sometimes be tough, especially when you don’t have any email addresses to send to.

So what do you do? Here’s a great way to start.

Log into your LinkedIn account and download your first connection email addresses.

Here’s the steps to get started:

Open a search window and type in: https://www.linkedin.com/people/export-settings

This will bring you to a LinkedIn page that will allow you to export the people and their email addresses that you have ‘First Connection’ with.

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This will then allow you to select a few different formats for the spreadsheet.

It doesn’t matter which file type you select as they will all import into your email marketing tool.

Next, once you’ve downloaded the list you are able to review and sort based on which contacts you’d like to import into your email tool.

Now that you have the list of potential contacts, we’d suggest you create an introduction to connect with your LinkedIn contacts via email. Don’t spam them and you must give them the option to opt-out if they chose to not be communicated to in this way.

Also note that many email marketing platforms will not allow you to import a list from social media, but you do have the opportunity to reach out via individual email communications and connect further.

What we’d suggest at this point is to send a personalized email stating where you got their email from and that you’d love to be able to add them to receiving your valuable content.

If they click through to be added to your list, then they are now in your system and you can engage on an authorized and legit way.

If they don’t click through, it would be safe to assume they do not want to be sent your content and I wouldn’t continue without there permission.

Note: If you haven’t selected an email client yet, take a look around here on zindo+co, we’ve reviewed a ton of them so to ensure you select one that will work for you and your team. If you need some further help. Reach out, we’d be happy to talk you through it.

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