I’m Proud of You

My Friendship with Fred Rogers


I’m Proud of You” is the story of this friendship and of the enduring legacy left by Fred Rogers.

By: Tim Madigan
Pages: 192
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It began as another newspaper assignment, a celebrity profile of the children’s television icon. But in Fred Rogers, Texas journalist Tim Madigan found more than a fascinating subject.

From their first meeting in 1995, at Rogers’ invitation, the two became unlikely friends, a deep and abiding relationship that lasted until Rogers’ death in 2003.

In that time, Madigan found Rogers to be much more than the calm and compassionate personality of television.

He was a person of unique human greatness who embodied love, compassion and wisdom his every waking moment.

He was the transcendent being who guided Madigan through periods of life-threatening depression and the tragic death of a sibling and helped him heal his difficult relationship with his father.

I’m Proud of You reveals Fred Rogers as a person who deserves a place among history’s greatest people.



About the Author:

Tim Madigan wrote his first book in 1968 when he was 11 years old. Every week in the autumn of that year, he scribbled down his account of the latest University of Minnesota football game in a notebook. Sales were modest.

But a love of books, words, and writing never left released him, leading from his small-town Minnesota upbringing to a Texas career writing newspaper stories and eventually books that were more formally published and found slightly larger audiences.

By the mid-1990s, Tim had become one of the most decorated newspaper reporters in Texas history (three times named the state’s top reporter), while writing about everything from sick children to serial killers, cowboy poets, to his own experiences as a husband and father.

His first book, “See No Evil: Blind Devotion and Bloodshed in David Koresh’s Holy War,” was published in 1993, followed eight years later by “The Burning: Massacre, Destruction and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921.” In its review, the New York Times called The Burning “A powerful book, a harrowing case study made all the more so by Madigan’s skillful, clear-eyed telling of it.”

Madigan’s most recent book, “I’m Proud of You: My Friendship With Fred Rogers,” reveals his life-altering friendship with Fred Rogers, which began in 1995 when he profiled the children’s icon for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Tim’s first novel, “Every Common Sight,” will be published soon.

When not writing books or newspaper stories, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, Catherine, being a dad, playing the guitar, coaching and playing ice hockey, and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies.