How to Promote Your Livestream Event and Get More People to Attend

Livestream is a low-cost and highly effective way to interact with your audience.

But it doesn’t work to help you achieve your business goals if you don’t have enough participants.

Here are some ideas on how to promote your scheduled live video sessions to get higher attendance. 

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Know Your Market

You can’t create a livestream people want to attend unless you know what problems they face and what help they’re looking for.

Your topic needs to be relevant to your audience. How well do you know them?

Spend some time gathering ideas from your target market on what they want. Follow them on social media, see what other content they consume, and ask directly how you can help. 

Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Get an early start on promoting your event. First, pick a day and time for the livestream. Start promoting at least two months out.

Create a promotion schedule where you talk more and more about it as the time approaches. This way, you can build a buzz.

Include in your scheduled social media posts, blog posts you’re going to write, cross-promotions you’ll do with other marketers, and any other content leading up to the event. 


Find the Best Channels

If you’ve gotten to know your audience, you know where they hang out online. You need to use these channels to tell them about your livestream. If you’re using a social media platform like Facebook Live or Periscope, promote on the site itself so that it’s easy for people to sign up. 

Promote Video with Video

The best type of content to promote video is video itself. Create short videos where you get in front of the camera and tell people why you’re offering a livestream event and what they’ll get out of it.

Post them on YouTube and other video-sharing sites, as well as social media. Once you start livestreaming, cut out the best clips from your events to use for promoting the next one. 


Emphasize Benefits

Whenever you tell people about your upcoming event, give them an idea of what they can expect by attending.

Emphasize the benefits; in other words, what specific thing will they know or be able to do once they leave the event? Explain how it will improve their lives. 

Reach Out to Brand Advocates

Identify influencers and brand advocates and reach out to them to help you promote your event. Influencers are people who have a large following. People listen to what they say.

Your brand advocates are your biggest customers and fans. These are the people who engage the most with you. Tell them about your event and give them an incentive like a sneak preview to get them to promote it for you. 

Monitor Your Results

Set a goal for how many participants you’d like and keep track of which methods and channels worked and which didn’t. You can then focus on the successful methods next time for better results. 

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zindo+co Staff

zindo+co Staff

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