Keeping Business and Home Separated on the Internet

There are several things in life that are forever:

That’s a short but heavy list. Remember, once you publish something on the web it’s going to be around for a very, very long time. And in this age of social media, the lasting effects of a post or a comment can be devastating.

That’s why you have to plan out what you’ll be publishing on your social media pages – whether it’s a tweet or Twitter or a random thought on Facebook – what you post is going to be viewed by everyone!

So how can you ensure that you won’t make a mistake, or publish a random fact, that haunts you? While there isn’t one foolproof rule or guideline, there are several steps to consider.

The first is plan what you’ll be publishing, and when. If you’re going to have a sale in the store or on your site, you want to alert your followers! It’s wise to post about every other day, but make sure the content isn’t the same old stuff – otherwise, you’ll bore people.

Here’s an example. Mary Booth is a cupcake maker and she’s got a killer website called, August is a slow month, so Mary is having a sale on her cupcakes for the first two weeks of August.

Here’s how she’s planning to publicize her site:

July 18 Post on Facebook Get your cupcake in August for 20% off!
July 20 Tweet Gonna be selling cupcakes like crazy in August!
July 25 Post on Facebook Our cupcakes are selling like hotcakes in August!
July 28 Tweet Are you ready? August 1, the frenzy begins!

Don’t let this article make you think you can’t be spontaneous when posting on your social media pages!

All of the messages she’s posting have links to her site, which has a special landing page showing her line of cupcakes, along with an order form and a quick video that shows simple cupcake decorating techniques.

Get the picture?

With a simple marketing plan for your social media platforms, you’ll be able to create quick and effective campaigns that don’t cost you anything – and have a lasting effect on your followers! Plus, you won’t have to worry about posting something you shouldn’t!

That’s what makes it great – just remember to think before you post!