How to Promote Your High-Value Virtual Summit

You have a great idea for a virtual summit that will provide value to your target market and get you closer to your business goals.

Now, all you need to do is get it in front of your target audience and you’ll be ready to go. Here are the essentials for promoting your virtual summit to ensure it’ll be a success. 

Set Up a Landing Page

A landing page is a web page with the single focus of getting people to complete an action — in this case, to sign up for your virtual summit.

It has text or a video that demonstrates the value of attending the event and a sign-up form where people can register. 

Set up a page like this and then drive traffic to it. The marketing content on your landing page should explain the unique benefits of attending the event as specifically as possible and include a call to action.

Most popular page builder providers have templates that you can customize.


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Promoting Your Virtual Summit on Social Media

Social media provides the best way to reach your audience and there are a number of effective tactics you can use here. Post content about your event, blog about it, create short YouTube videos and promote it in online groups.

Livestream video is an excellent tactic for promoting on social media. These are real-time videos your audience members can watch on their news feed.

You can discuss your summit’s topic and interact with your audience, answering any questions they may have live on camera.

Each social media platform has its own livestreaming feature, so find out which platforms your target audience is on and use those. 

Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Virtual Summit

Build an email list and promote your virtual summit to your list. Email is the most effective way to reach your audience since your messages come straight to their inbox. 

There are a number of reasons why you should build your list. It helps you build closer relationships with your audience, and you can offer special promotions and gather feedback.

Tell your email list about your virtual summit and offer a special deal or discount that’s exclusive to email subscribers to reward them for subscribing.

Appear as a Guest

You can widen your exposure by appearing as a guest for other content creators and telling their audience about your virtual summit.

You can do this by appearing at other people’s virtual summits or events. Present information and then pitch your own event, just like a speaker at your virtual summit would.

promote your virtual summit

Other ideas include getting interviewed on podcasts or YouTube videos. Contact a podcaster or YouTuber and explain why you think you’d make a great guest.

Share valuable information with their audience and promote your event to them. 

You can also write guest blog posts on the topic of your virtual summit and publish them on other people’s blogs. Make sure to include a link where people can sign up for the event in all of your marketing content.

Get Guest Speakers to Promote

Create promotional materials and provide them to your guest speakers so they can effectively promote the event to their audience.

When you create these materials, you maintain control over your message. You also make it easier for them to promote by providing them with all the materials they need upfront.

Talk about your upcoming virtual summit everywhere you are online. If you have a great event that offers value to your target audience, you just need to get it in front of them and tell them about it, and they’ll sign up to attend.

If you want to learn more about creating a virtual summit that will help to achieve your business goals, then take a look at our Course where you’ll learn step-by-step to host your first successful summit.

zindo+co Staff

zindo+co Staff

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