Here are 7 effective ways to drive traffic to your website

When you first begin to drive traffic on the Internet, it can be a very daunting task.

You begin to do all this work and it seems that you might not be making much progress despite all your effort.

It is very important to keep in mind that not all traffic turns into the desired result you are looking for, that’s why it’s important to know the facts about traffic online.

The first fact that you need to understand about online traffic is that there is an average percentage you can expect for each point in your traffic generation system.

Let me give you an example, let’s say you have a pay-per-click marketing campaign running… There is an average number of people you can expect to click on your pay-per-click ad compared to the number of people that actually see it.

This is expressed as a percentage and is known as a click through ratio. (CTR)

So if 100 people see your pay-per-click ad and only 5 people click on it, then you will have a CTR of 5%.

I believe that with pay-per-click the average CTR is anywhere from 1-3% based on my research.

This is an Internet traffic fact and once you know this, it becomes a lot easier to proceed without worry because you know what to expect.

Another Internet Traffic Fact that is important is called an Opt-In-Rate. T

his would be the number of people that leave you an email address compared to the number of people that are asked.

So for example, you ask 100 people to leave and email and only 5 do, your Opt-In-Rate is 5%.

Opt-In Rates vary and can be as low as 5% and as high as 50%, it all depends on the quality of traffic that you send to an Opt-In form.

Ten years ago, you could get away with slapping up a couple of pages, one a sales copy page and another to order your product or service.

This formula absolutely doesn’t work today. The major search engines are interested in providing useful information to their clients, the net surfer.

It’s now necessary to offer considerable value, in terms of free, relevant and accurate information your visitors can use.

Even entertainment value is considered in these ultra-smart search engine algorithms.

Today, your website content is essential to driving traffic to your website.

Google handles about 75% of all searches by web surfers.

So it’s imperative that you have a good understanding of the rules Google plays by, what makes a site attractive to its bots, as well as what doesn’t.

There’s a lot of material to cover and you might well want to hire a pro to quickly and effectively get Google working for you.

The greater number of quality links you’ve got going, the better.

Some sites have literally millions of links, going both to and from their sites.

Quality must be emphasized and can be a great deal of work, but build your links over time.

It pays off, incrementally, with increased traffic to your website.


Here is a roundup of effective ways to drive traffic to your website:

1- Relevant Quality Content– The content that you post on your website must be relevant to the target audience.

Some websites focus on the quantity of the material focusing on the mantra that the more is always better.

Quality content is what will drive and keep your readers on your website.

Constantly evaluate the objective of you website and compare the content of your website to the relevance of your goals.


2- Your website Layout– the way you structured and organize your website is an indispensable element of attracting and driving traffic to your website.

The user experience has to be great and important information must be easily available.


3- Optimize Your Content for Search Engines– Search Engine Optimization is a critical element of driving traffic to your website.

The use of keywords, tags and implementing effective content structure is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.


4- Improve Your Web Presence– Your website should be the primary hub for all content that you produce.

On the other hand, sharing and contributing your material to other relevant websites can boost your web presence and help drive traffic to your website.

Ensure to include the links back to your website and try to minimize self-referent material as it would appear as a pure advertising.

In contrast, contribute pertinent material with a link to your website at the end.


5- Join Applicable Forums– Joining and participating in forums relevant to your website theme is a solid way to drive traffic to your website.

Feedback and comments that you submit to these forums will help you build credibility in online world, which ultimately will lead to increased traffic back to your website.

If you are an expert in particular field, ensure to help others by answering there questions, post your own questions and polls to gather valuable feedback.

People refer to forums for advice and feedback from like-minded users, and it is a resourceful tool for you as a website owner to gain insight into what the users are discussing and reading.


6- Explore Non-Standard Marketing Options– Non-standard marketing option is the use of an advertising channel that is different from your traditional ways of advertising such as email marketing, flyers, brochures etc.

For instance, creating a Video of a relevant element of your material and posting to YouTube is a great way to explore the audience that would normally watch videos rather than read articles.

Podcasting and hosting webinars is another solid solution to help you drive new traffic to your website.

Podcasts and Webinars let you present your expertise in engaging and more creative manner where users have the ability to visualize your content and interact with one another.


7- Social Media – For the majority of internet users, Social Media is a communication medium to connect with friends and family.

In contrast, entrepreneurs can capitalize on this free and very effective channel to drive traffic to your website.

There are certain practices and guidelines that you should review prior to engaging in Social Media marketing.

The aforementioned steps are just the basic and most common ways to drive traffic to your website.

 Creativity and persistence will pay off in the long run.