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Top 8 Tips for starting 2020 outright

Whether you are looking to launch a new product, a new website or you just want some change in your entrepreneurial journey, use the following tips to help get you going.

Top 8 Tips for starting 2020 outright

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Whether you are looking to launch a new product, a new website or you just want some change in your entrepreneurial journey, use the following tips to help get you going. So let’s jump in!  

1.    Imagine What Your New Direction Will Be Like:

The first tip is to try and imagine what your new start is going to look like.  


Some people already have an idea while others have never thought about it before because they believed it would never happen. This brings us to the next tip.  

2.    Believe in the Change:

Without a belief that a change is possible, you will find it very difficult to get to that place. You will also offer up every imaginable excuse as to why it cannot happen and put up mental roadblocks. When you do believe, you will start to look for ways to make the change happen.  

3.    Gain Support from Friends and Family:

Having the support of those around you is going to go a long way in helping you start a new life. When you gain the support of your friends and family, they will help you do what is necessary to get you there.  


It’s also great for them to hold you accountable.. in those oh so weak moments where you are experiencing self-doubt.  

4.    Get the Necessary Funding:

It is easier than ever to obtain funding these days. You can hit up your friends and family or you can sponsor fundraisers.  


Crowdfunding is a great resource for people to get funding for just about any purpose. *But, only go after funding if you feel confident you can repay it.  

5.    Career Change:

Maybe your career isn’t what you hoped and you want a new start. To determine what you want to do, what do you think about when you are distracted? If you continually go to the same idea, this could be a great place to start. Even if it’s a hobby, don’t let that prevent you from pursuing it. The internet has made it quite easy to turn hobbies into income-generating businesses. Look around the Zindo+Co, we’ve got people in every kind of niche you can think of!  

6.    Taking on a New Hobby:

Try something you’ve never tried before. Get outside your comfort zone by doing something that you never imagined you would try. For instance, maybe you have always thought it would be cool to play the piano or write a song for your kids. The process that you will go through to learn these new skills will give you a new self-identity and can boost your self-esteem.  

7.    Move to a New Country or New State:

This is an extreme way to go about a fresh start. People who do it often never look back. Living in another country where the culture is drastically different from yours is a wonderful way to see how others live and can give you a whole new perspective on life.  

8.    Buy an RV and Travel Cross Country:

You can choose to do this in your own country or in any other country depending on the local laws of those countries.  


If you come up with some kind of theme for your trip, you may find that others will more easily support it with funding, etc., or you could write a book about the theme.  



1 2 3
Write down three hobbies that you have always wanted to try. Think back to when you were a kid. What did you talk about with your friends? When you go to a bookstore, what kinds of books do you find yourself browsing? Research and create a plan for one of the specific items in the tips above. If none of the items interest you, try to think of one that may. For instance, perhaps you have always wanted to sail long distances. Create a fundraising campaign that will incorporate actions #1 and #2. By knowing what kind of change you want to implement, you can get a better sense of the type of campaigns as well as the funding source.


Now go make some magic happen!!




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