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Top 19 Call To Action Phrases

Top 19 Call To Action Phrases

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Don’t ever assume the visitors that come to your website will know what you want them to do. 

If you do not have a very clear call to action (visible & specific) – your visitor may become confused or travel down other paths (other tabs) within your site and miss your sales funnel completely.

If your “Add To Cart or Order Here or Submit” buttons blends in with your text, people are not going to do anything further and your creation was for not.

Don’t just leave your call to action as “Submit” – that’s not really a “call to action”.

You also will want to include a sense of urgency (“Buy Now” as opposed to just “Buy”) and make it clear that taking action is easy like this example from BaseCamp: A best practice is to make your call to action a very large element on the page – and make it a contrasting color so that it sticks out – like in the example below. 

Call To Action Phrases:

  • Buy Now
  • Order Now
  • Add To Cart
  • Rush My Order
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up Now
  • Click Here/Click Here to…
  • Download Now
  • Try It Free
  • Sign Up For
  • Join Now
  • Buy The…
  • Join Today!
  • Purchase!
  • Create A Free Account
  • More Info
  • Get A Quote
  • Request A Quote
  • Try Us! Get Started!

What are some of your favorites!? Share them with us!


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