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It’s pretty common to be overwhelmed at first when you’re finding the right project workflow software solution that will help you manage your business. With all the information and data that will most likely flood you, who wouldn’t be?

But with a correct and guided plan, you’ll surely be able to get past this. Here are some tips on how to find the right workflow for you.

Find Out What You Really Want To Achieve

Part of the challenge for many business owners is the initial phase of making the decision as to which tools to start with and what’re the goals of a company you are trying to achieve.

Sorting out what you want from what you really need has to be planned well in order to achieve your target goal.

Questions like “What do I want?” and “How do I want it to be done?” are a few of the things that you should put your focus on first.

After all, every great success comes from well-planned ideas.

Decide On Your Must-Haves Versus Nice-To-Haves

After you’ve come up with the main goals, it’s important to give priority to the factors that you “need” to put into your plan and not what you “want”.

Everybody knows the difference between wants and needs. It’s pretty much the same with “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”.

If you must have a “reports” function and at the same time you think it’s nice to have a “chat” function for your customers, then it’s most likely that you need to prioritize your “reports” function more than your “chat” function.

Taking a hard look at your priorities and even possibly deciding on a ‘staging’ of the final rollout based on priority will allow you to ease into the process and continue to expand until implementation is complete.

Cost Versus ROI

How much to budget on new workflow technology and resources is always a concern?

Things that you need to consider:

1- Which is the best technology for the money, but will also help our team get the job done better, faster and more efficiently?

2- Is the pricing competitive?

3- Am I locked into a contract or can I cancel anytime?

4- Do I have designated staff to utilize this workflow consistently?

5- Can I measure the ROI vs cost-effectively?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new internal workflow process so keep this in mind.

Understand The Vendor/Partner Relationship

Your vendor’s reputation, technology deck, and reliability is another thing that you have to consider when selecting a new workflow for your company.

Remember having access to a leader in the space is paramount to help you evolve your business to the next level.

The more you can count on them for their expertise, the easier it will be to utilize technology to advance your processes.

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zindo+co Staff
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