Henry Kaminski Jr

In this podcast episode, the host welcomes Henry Kaminski Jr., a Brand Strategist, Designer, and Podcaster to the show.

Henry shares his story of how he turned his challenges into success and provides insights for listeners on how they can do the same.

The episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to see what is possible in their own life and career.

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About the Guest

In 2008, Henry Kaminski Jr. founded Unique Designz, a full-service branding and digital marketing agency that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their brands, scale their profits + increase their exposure online.

He’s is the host of the popular “Brand Doctor’s Podcast” where he talks about strategies that help entrepreneurs design reputable and profitable personal brands.

Henry also is the co-founder of one of New Jersey’s premiere adult-use cannabis dispensaries, Leaf Relief NJ.

Henry’s currently holds the role of Chief Marketing Officer for Fabio Viviani Hospitality.


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Episode Transcript

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[00:00:40] Welcome. Welcome. Hi Henry. How are you?

[00:00:43] Audra Carpenter: What is going on? Audra? What a, what a great pleasure to meet and hang out with you again. What

[00:00:49] is, it’s been a minute, seven years. Yeah, it has been a minute. So Henry and I go way back to early days or not really early days. When did you start in this industry?

[00:00:59] I’ve been a designer for 15 years. But I got into the online space, seven or eight years ago. however long click funnels has been alive. That’s how long? Yes.

[00:01:11] Audra Carpenter: Seven years, I think. Seven, eight years. Yeah. Yeah. I think we’ll wait. We talk. So Henry and I go back and it’s probably been seven years.

[00:01:19] I think you were just getting started. Yeah. I’ll have to dig out that interview that we did and just send it to you to see where you were. Cuz I remember having the conversation where I said, you know what? You should be on a podcast. and I know we talked about, the direction you were going and the things that you’re working on.

[00:01:36] So it’ll be interesting to see where you are now [00:01:40] and what you’re working on. the wins you’re having the challenges you’re having. Let’s of dig into a little bit of that. Now I will say, I’ll have you send me a bio of you just so everybody knows where to find you and all that kind of good stuff.

[00:01:53] So we’ll make that available in the show notes. but I wanna make sure that some time diving into kind of your journey and where you’re at with things.

[00:02:02] Henry Kaminski: Oh, Lord,

[00:02:02] Audra Carpenter: Please share.

[00:02:03] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. So where do we start? I was a, I started my design firm 13 years ago. and then established it professionally two years after that.

[00:02:13] So been in business about 13 years. Okay. started off as a freelance designer. Built up into the agency level. And then started to pivot and started to get into other industries and things. So I’m abbreviating here. yeah. And then we’ll work backwards, but okay. now I operate three businesses and they’re in different industries and

[00:02:34] Henry Kaminski: I think one of the big challenges that I had once I broke open into different industries was like, all right, I’m not just the branding guy anymore. I’m not just a design guy anymore. So how am I not gonna dilute my value and how are people going to easily understand how I can help them? So they would hire me.

[00:02:52] So That was a tough transition for me, but let’s go back. How did I get into the online marketing space and funnels and stuff like that? So I was rocking the design, my design business for five years. Okay. Doing really well. I started out actually in the nightlife industry.

[00:03:08] Audra Carpenter: I was gonna say, I think, I remember you saying you were doing postcards or something or flyers or what

[00:03:14] Henry Kaminski: flyers, that was my gig. And then built that up and made the right connections and then [00:03:20] started doing some bigger work for Hennessy. Ciroc, Greygoose Coors light Corona.

[00:03:26] and these bigger brands and that kind of blew my business up because then I was doing stuff for.

[00:03:34] Audra Carpenter: You got the credibility to be able to prove it. Yeah.

[00:03:37] Henry Kaminski: Some of the greatest restaurants and the tri-state area it was, it just, got big. Beautiful. And the funny thing was, is it was just me.

[00:03:45] Audra Carpenter: normally that’s where it starts, unless you’re taking on funding, that’s it.

[00:03:48] Henry Kaminski: I didn’t have a team. So I worked, you can ask my wife, the 20 hour days that, you know, back in the day that people talk about, that was me. And then yeah, I was on my way to burnout. And hurricane Sandy came in and just wiped out two of my biggest clients that brought in about a quarter of a million bucks a year.

[00:04:11] So now I’m like, what now? Yeah. And so I started to panic and, I started to just hemorrhage money. Because I wanted to make sure that everybody knew that Henry was okay, so I just kept buying stuff and going on vacations and ouch and dug myself a deep hole. And finally it all caught up to me and I had to tell my wife like oh no, got a couple grand in the bank.

[00:04:37] That’s all we got. And ouch, I gotta figure this out. Yeah. So yeah, that’s where I started searching for help. Sure. And found this crazy guy called Russell Brunson and

[00:04:50] Audra Carpenter: Oh, they gave me chills, He’s changed so many people’s lives.

[00:04:54] And so started. So ironically started listening to his podcast.

[00:04:59] Henry Kaminski: He kept talking about [00:05:00] marketing secrets. Yeah. That was marketing in your car. Oh, that’s right back then. It was that’s right. you drive to work.

[00:05:07] Yeah. Thank myself now. Yeah. marketing in your car, he keeps talking about this inner circle group. I’m like, what the hell is that? so I finally clicked the link and I go through the motions and there he is the salesperson trying to get me into this $25,000 thing.

[00:05:21] And I’m like, There’s no way in how I could afford that. So I told them that and they were like, Russell, no, he’s got this $10,000 program, but it’s very similar to yeah. and I said to myself, if I don’t take a risk on me, I’m gonna be in the same hole that I’m in today that I’ll be in tomorrow.

[00:05:38] and so I said, listen, I’ll give you five grand on a credit card now. And if you can let me pay the other five off over the next five months I could do it. like he would ever do that now for 10 grand, right? No. so I jumped in, we get on a call, Russell and I, and within 10 minutes, we’re both hysterical, crying, cuz I’m sharing in my story.

[00:05:58] Yeah. And he sees a lot of mean him and he says, know I got this book coming out. I need a bunch of design work. what would you charge you? And I was like, let me get back to you. I’m trying to play light. I didn’t know what the hell to charge him. and I came back and I said, I’m into this guy for another five grand.

[00:06:15] So if I can, so I said six grand I’ll do it. And he goes, okay. so then he was paid off. He was, it was paid off. And then him and I worked together for two and a half years after that and I helped him brand click funnels.

[00:06:28] Audra Carpenter: Did you, I didn’t know that story about you. Yeah.

[00:06:31] Henry Kaminski: oh my gosh. He had the gears and the logo done already.

[00:06:35] Yeah. But what was happening was he had six different designers working for him. And nothing was coming [00:06:40] in consistently. So we came in, cleaned it all up. Nice. And then six months later guy goes and does a hundred million. so that was my start in. That’s awesome.

[00:06:49] And then became like the funnel designer. and again, got burnt out. I started to see things in the industry and in that niche that I did not like, and I didn’t wanna be associated with anymore. get rich quick and the You don’t need to be an expert.

[00:07:06] You just need to be one step ahead of everybody. That, to me sounds a little schemeish

[00:07:12] Audra Carpenter: yeah. And I’m not a big fan of that. There’s too much ahead of it or behind it. And I think that’s where some of those type of coaches fail. The two steps ahead. Doesn’t really work to get your client’s long term results.

[00:07:25] Henry Kaminski: Correct? Yeah. And so politely excused myself from that world. Yeah. And got around another mentor. Chris Do and Chris

[00:07:34] Oh Chris. yeah. From Futur. Yes. Yeah. Chris Do

[00:07:37] Audra Carpenter: he’s amazing.

[00:07:38] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. He mentored me for the next two years. And so we met once a month. And I was very consistent with him.

[00:07:46] He was like part of my, he was part of my budget. And we created a phenomenal friendship. And,we’re still very close to this day and he helped me really get a better grip of The business of design. So he helped me level up my prices, position, myself, handle objections, really own what it is that I do.

[00:08:11] So versus being a pixel push.

[00:08:13] Audra Carpenter: More, high level strategy versus task strategy.

[00:08:17] Henry Kaminski: Correct. I was, I was doing all the [00:08:20] design work stuff.

[00:08:20] But without somebody else turning on that different side or different perspective of the business, I imagine it would’ve taken you longer.

[00:08:30] Audra Carpenter: I mean, you’re the kind of guy you would’ve figured it out. it just, would’ve been a longer journey you think?

[00:08:34] Henry Kaminski: Oh, hands down. or there were parts I’d be lying to Audra. If I said that, I’m this strong guy that could get through anything. there were times where I was like, let me go find a job.

[00:08:44] Cause it’s a hell of a lot easier than doing this.

[00:08:46] Audra Carpenter: I think we all have been there numerous times over the years. Yeah, absolutely.

[00:08:51] Henry Kaminski: And it was like, the universe just kept Picking me up from the back of the collar. And saying, no, get back in there. get back in there. you’re not turning back.

[00:09:01] You’re not turning back and I never did. And I think that was all meant to be right. That was all meant because I couldn’t have this conversation

[00:09:08] Audra Carpenter: part of your journey.

[00:09:09] Henry Kaminski: Absolutely. Yeah. I couldn’t talk to you today if it didn’t happen. So a long story short between taking Russell’s advice and building my team out So he helped me scale. Yeah. Chris really helped me define where I was and really take ownership and leadership in the space. So instead of getting poked around by clients, like to, Move this over three inches. like that all came to a screeching halt. Because Chris was like, that’s not what you do.

[00:09:42] and that really helped me position myself as more as a subject matter expert that really helps people monetize their expertise. Like I did it for myself. And so he helped me get clear with my messaging so on, so forth and now it led into me [00:10:00] just doing the strategy work and the thinking work with my clients, cuz I’ve been around so long.

[00:10:05] Henry Kaminski: And now I have a team that does a lot of the execution, like the funnel design and build and the website design and build and the logo and brand development, all that stuff like, yeah, that’s all handled by my team now. So I just focus working with client one on one. And so now it’s a great gig.

[00:10:21] I wake up every morning and I’m like, I am so blessed that I am even able to live this life. And so here I am, and now we could get into the other two businesses while you’re at it, but it’s really morphed into I’ve learned how to save, not save, but I became much more financially literate.

[00:10:40] Henry Kaminski: Okay. And that’s what has helped me get into the level of success that I’m at right now. I have so much more to go, but that has helped me because I was so financially E literate when I was coming up, like I, I had to work because I couldn’t afford not to based on my lifestyle. I’ve calmed all that down and started looking at money as a tool, not as something that is a means to show off to people.

[00:11:08] And that, and I think a lot of businesses start there, or I should say a lot of businesses, but I think with the evolution of social media and this automatic creator mode or influencer mode, just get online and talk or, unfortunately for the women it’s dress a specific way or for the men, it show a specific car or this or that.

[00:11:29] Audra Carpenter: And that’s not really building long term wealth. I mean, there’s always a few at the top if you’re at the bottom, but the median is, that’s just not realistic for [00:11:40] a business strategy. Yeah. , maybe if you’re a millennial, but if you’re a little bit more, I would say over 35, it’s really not a solid business strategy.

[00:11:49] As far as growth. What place did you have to get to either mentally or financially before you decided to kick off other businesses? So you said you had two others beside that you’re exploring. Yeah. Or that you’re built.

[00:12:05] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. So know runway obviously how much runway I had. Yeah.

[00:12:10] And I, because I started investing my money and that money started working for me. I was like, oh, this is how people do it. it’s excite. but it, I did hit rock bottom at one point. And I’ll share that with you. So when my wife and I got married, we never wanted to have kids.

[00:12:26] We wanted to live lifestyle. No, we were like jet setters. Like we, yeah. On a whim, we would just go and we would, we’d have a blast. And then, and a lot of it had to do with like my insecurities and self-esteem stuff. Like I just didn’t think I’d be able to be a dad, and eventually, and ironic is that my parents, it took them 16 years to have start a family just.

[00:12:50] Because of complications and things and yes. And had they not stayed that persistent?

[00:12:56] Audra Carpenter: we may not be talking to Henry that’s. Right.

[00:12:57] Henry Kaminski: so the irony of this is when my wife and I decide that we wanna have kids. Yeah. Or a kid, we couldn’t, we were going through the same complications. so my wife went through two rounds of IVF. Ouch. To finally, it, I know people that went through nine times, so we got out easy. But that day hit where she comes into the room and she’s I’m pregnant and I’m happy, but I’m petrified. [00:13:20] And I go, do what Henry does when he’s scared.

[00:13:24] Is he diverts.

[00:13:25] Audra Carpenter: Okay. I gotta go to work. Now

[00:13:28] Henry Kaminski: or goes out and buys $187,000 car. Oh my gosh. And andlemme just get my mind off of it. Let me get the dopamine and all that up. Yeah. and I come home with it and my wife just wanted to kill me. I bet. So the car went back. He’d listen. good. but it put me in a major hole.

[00:13:46] And business was not as fine tuned as it was today. So I had a couple clients that were disgruntled and they both came at me at the same time. Ouch. And I had the refund like 40 grand on top of the beating I just took given that car back. So I was in the whole bad. Yeah. And, I had to dig myself out of that.

[00:14:08] Luckily I got some help. And not as much as help as I thought I needed. So I was like, listen, I appreciate the help, but I need to. Figure this out. Yeah. On my own. Yeah. So took about half of the help that was given and II figured out the other half, which makes me proud. good of me doing it on my own somewhat, but thank God, just thank God I had that help.

[00:14:28] but that help came to me and he said it was my father

[00:14:33] Audra Carpenter: and said, thank God for parents sometimes, man. Yeah. yeah.

[00:14:36] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. So when my son was born, I went and I bought two, his and hers, Rolex watches. And my wife hated it. She threw it back at me and said, I don’t want this. And and then, and again, now this whole is deep at this point.

[00:14:51] So I gotta sell these watches back. So I go, it took me two weeks just to go to the store and give ’em back cuz of my ego. And, [00:15:00] I’m driving home. I have 15 grand in cash and I’m driving home and I call my dad and I’m like, that wasn’t so bad. And he was like, what? I was like selling those watches back.

[00:15:13] Henry Kaminski: And he said, are you done? And I said, with what? And he said this, he said, your son one day is gonna ask you for a pair of sneakers. And what are you gonna tell him? You can’t afford him. He said, I raised you by myself. I didn’t do that to you. So don’t do it to him. That was it. I’m like I had to almost pull over. I couldn’t even see I was crying so bad and I just, I get emotional just bringing that story up again. And that was it for me, Audra. I was like, it was, get your shit together. Power . So got financially literate real quick. Started budgeting, found investment opportunities.

[00:15:51] I learned about acorns and, good and the market and really started putting my money away and aside, and it really started to build up and nice. I was like, holy crap. So that’s the backstory that got me to where I’m at today, where now I’m able to, you can look at invest in other businesses, but I, you wouldn’t understand.

[00:16:09] unless I gave you that story first.

[00:16:11] Audra Carpenter: Well, and I think there’s some important lessons to take from that. no matter where you are in your journey, you’re gonna take a couple steps forward and you’re gonna take five backwards and you’re gonna go left and right in circles. But the closer or the quicker you can get to where you’re at now.

[00:16:28] Then the more chance that you have. we all go through that, right? If you’ve got a solid product and you’ve got an audience to go to and you’re putting the work in and getting out and networking or selling the widget, [00:16:40] you’ll get to a place where momentum will kick in. Yeah. And then all of a sudden you have some money and then it’s okay, what do I do with this?

[00:16:47] And most people will go out, I never had this or my kids all need this, or I never had the big house and I always wanted the big house or the boat or the fancy cars, or, I went through that stage when I owned a title company. And luckily I just bought myself a really nice car. I bought myself an Audi, a8, oh, those were nice.

[00:17:06] The sport one, beautiful. $120,000 stupid investment. But for me, that was the bad thing. I didn’t go out and buy a big house, but I saved the money. it’s that place where you’ve gotta get to at whatever stage of your journey and then know that if you are foolish with it, the universe corrects itself and says,no.

[00:17:26] You’re not actually in a place to deserve this growth because you’re not doing the work . And so you the universe pulls it back and then you have to say, okay, no, this time I’m really serious about it. And you build it up. And if you aren’t serious about it, respecting it and appreciating the direction that you’re going.

[00:17:45] The univers will take it again. at least that’s what I’ve seen and that’s, we’ll cycle through that. You’re very wealthy or not even wealthy. That’s not wealth. you’re rich , but then you lose it all and then you’re rich and then you lose it all because you didn’t get whatever lesson you were supposed to get through that experience.

[00:18:00] until you start doing. The smart things with it and saving it and making sure you’re outta debt and being responsible, fiduciary responsibility, fiduciary, yeah. Responsibility to it, to build some long term wealth. And that’s, I think when the universe opens up and says, okay, you’re adulting enough to [00:18:20] be here.

[00:18:21] Audra Carpenter: Now let’s take all this a mad skill that you have and mad knowledge, and now let’s expand it and let you become the true leader that you’re supposed to be. claim your place up there.

[00:18:32] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. what are you? that’s a great lead into where I’m taking the business now. Okay. Sure. So we talked about this offline and

[00:18:40] every morning I wake up before I even open my eyes, barely open my eyes. I go to my YouTube meditation channels and I listen to at least 30 minutes of it. Nice. And what keeps coming up for me over the past? I would say two months was what are you really good at that that comes so natural that you almost don’t even know you have it.

[00:19:02] Henry Kaminski: And it was for me, what kept showing up was seeing potential in people that they didn’t see in themselves. Okay. And there’s no surprise that I’m in the branding space because a lot of my clients that come to me, they say the same thing. I know I got this thing, but I just, I don’t know how to put it together.

[00:19:23] Or they’re underselling themselves. I had this hockey coach a couple years ago, who was selling her time for $250 an hour. And she been a coach for 20 years. And I’m like, and her personal life is in shambles because she has no time.

[00:19:42] It’s your time. And I couldn’t, it was great for me to finally say to her, I’m like, I got a program that we can create that you could work with 10 people and make 10 X the amount of money and we built it, we designed it, we branded it. made her own it, and now she has [00:20:00] the most freedom I’ve ever seen anybody.

[00:20:03] Oh, that’s awesome. and that’s huge. And so that’s was like, like my superpower. So again, after doing so much service work I keep getting these messages from the world, from my team, from my audience, from everybody, like you got a lot of knowledge, you got a lot of experience in wisdom.

[00:20:20] Why aren’t you doing any sort of coaching like, I’m just thinking of the, I’ve done one in the past not that well, but I’ve done one in the past. All I kept thinking was they’re a pain in the neck on the back end. like I went through some of that stuff now.

[00:20:35] I didn’t have the systems in place at that point, but that’s different now. But, and I was just like, ah, now I’d rather just work with less people but there is just this calling to get in front of groups of people and help them either get through their head trash or get, get the resources they need.

[00:20:54] to get over that hump that they’ve been trying to climb up for the past three weeks. but now they could do it in three minutes. And so we’re putting together this group. It’s called the EYS group. Okay. And EYS stands for elevate your status. Okay. So if you’re in an industry where you feel like, all these get rich quick, people are getting all the attention.

[00:21:13] Henry Kaminski: meanwhile, you have the goods to deliver, but you’re not. There’s ways to do that. You don’t have to compete with another car or another boat or another house you could compete in other ways. And I’m gonna show you how to do that in that group.

[00:21:24] Yeah. And then, there’s a component of that. That’s why we call it the EYS group, because I wanted it to be a two prong approach. I want you guys to elevate your status, but I also want you to elevate your standards. And not walk around thinking that you’re all that. That’s not what I mean, but how many of us [00:21:40] go through life taking crap that we should have never, ever taken from people from, we don’t need to do that.

[00:21:50] choose to tolerate that stuff. And I think what really elevated my entrepreneurial journey or my career was me finally owning who I was being true to, who I was and stopped taking the crap. And I needed a lot of help with that. this where, know, Chris Do played a major , and Russell as well, and some other mentors that really said, why are you taking that on?

[00:22:17] Audra Carpenter: Why are you playing smaller than you should be?

[00:22:19] Henry Kaminski: Exactly. yeah, this group is going to be those folks that wanna rise together and do it . And so I’m gonna create this and see how it goes. And I think that this is going to be the next chapter of the unique designs business. And I have a team that’s gonna continue the design work and branding work and things like that.

[00:22:40] And I’m still gonna do the strategy stuff, but now I’m able to help more people. And I think, before I get outta. and I’m on my death bed. I think I want people to really feel that cared about them and that I created some sort of impact in their life. Good. and I think that’s, what’s the most fulfilling for me.

[00:22:58] Audra Carpenter: That’s good. So I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and ask you a few questions about that. Okay. Sure. Okay. So coaching programs today are pretty dime a dozen that, and I think they’ve lost their appeal of actually delivering results for their clients. [00:23:20] And, I feel like me being a, we spend a lot of time online.

[00:23:23] So our myopic view of what’s happening in that universe is pretty different than say the guy that just decided to launch and is finding programs for the first time, our perspectives are gonna be very different. We’ve been in the matrix for many years. So we already know how that system works, but how will you launch going out and saying,no, I’m not another me too.

[00:23:46] This is why our program is different and this is how we’re actually gonna get results. Yeah.

[00:23:51] Henry Kaminski: So one of the things that we need to do right away when you’re creating any sort of group coaching is having some sort of success plan and being able to articulate that in a clear fashion. So that’s number one.

[00:24:05] So we have the game plan, right? We have the game plan that we’re, you’re gonna get enrolled into. Okay. And we’re gonna, we’re not gonna keep you accountable. Cause that’s another thing and I can’t run your business. So I’m not gonna play this accountability partner. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have these check-ins and assessments throughout the program to make sure that you are hitting milestones.

[00:24:32] If you’re hitting benchmarks. And if you’re not hitting the benchmarks, I wanna know why. I wanna know why, so two things, one is I’m gonna have a pre-assessment when you enroll, I want you to fill out this app, not application, but this form to help me understand where you are now and where you want to go.

[00:24:51] Are you the tortoise or the hare?

[00:24:52] Henry Kaminski: Exactly. And then I could get a good sense of where you’re at and what you’re expecting out of this. And now I could guide [00:25:00] you individually. so I know exactly what you’re looking to get out of it and then I could put you in the right direction and then every month we wanna have these assessments to see where you’re at, where you’re going, and what’s blocking you so we can keep you. Going in the right direction, cuz I’ve been into these groups too Audra where it’s you’re just another sheep.

[00:25:20] And I don’t want that. I don’t want

[00:25:22] Audra Carpenter: that at all, either that, or they’re just not able to stand behind the results. So this is what I find is lacking in the coaching industry right now. It goes back to, I’ve taken a couple, I hate to use Facebook ads, but everybody does it, I, or I’ve done, I’m a launcher funnel for you.

[00:25:37] Yeah. it’s $10,000. We’ll have it up in six months and you’re gonna be making money or your money back kind of thing. Yeah. This is the challenge with that though. One, you can’t control the outcome for the student. I have no ability, even though I gave you everything you possibly needed, I can’t control how you’re gonna implement or not implement to get the results that I told you’re gonna get.

[00:26:00] So that’s the first thing. The second thing is. Just because somebody can write a check doesn’t mean that they’re actually qualified to manage something at a sales funnel level. so let me tell you what I mean, when I say that, bill comes in, he’s gonna launch this funnel. He sells this widget. He knows this widget really well knows nothing about marketing.

[00:26:22] He’s been an employee for 20 years, but he can write a check. So he comes in the program. You’re trying to help him with calculus when he’s in kindergarten. Unfortunately there’s nobody there to backfill that knowledge to get him up because I only wanna teach calculus. I’m [00:26:40] trying to tell you how to optimize your funnel, to get people in, to build your list to, upsells down sells.

[00:26:46] He’s in kindergarten, there’s too big of a knowledge gap that has to be filled in and most coaches. And I say this, cuz I’ve spoken to, many of them don’t want to teach you that stuff. They don’t wanna go into the foundation stuff. They wanna work with you at this level because that’s the only way they can get you the results that they’re promising.

[00:27:07] If they go in and teach you basic stuff to build on that foundation, to get you up to the advanced funnels, they’re not gonna get you to your results in six months. So most people end up failing. I

[00:27:18] Henry Kaminski: have an alternative to that. Okay. So one of the things that we’re gonna bake into the program is I’m bringing in experts. That are not me. Are gonna come in and talk about copywriting. Talk about email marketing. So they can have the floor on that workshop day. and they can get as much out that person that they possibly can and everything’s gonna be recorded. So if they wanna go back or people miss that workshop, it’ll be an archive.

[00:27:43] So you can get it right. So yeah, I cannot be everything to everyone.

[00:27:48] So I wanna make sure that I have the right and I have so many connections and contacts from just people I’ve met over the years, through your podcast. Yeah. To get people in, to be, and I’ve been these guest speakers too, in these events as well, or in these programs.

[00:28:05] And, I see the value in that. Like I remember being in school and I remember loved getting the guest speaker in because it was a different perspective. It wasn’t the teacher. So I got to learn from somebody else that day. and they just brought a different energy to the, [00:28:20] to that day.

[00:28:21] And I always loved that. So why not bring that into my program, but I agree wholeheartedly. There’s a lot of coaches out there that should not be coaches.

[00:28:31] Audra Carpenter: Oh, it’s painful right now.

[00:28:33] Henry Kaminski: So for anybody that’s looking to get into a group coaching program really do your homework. Yeah. For sure. And make sure that the person that’s facilitating and hosting this thing, like has grounds to stand on

[00:28:48] if I didn’t have the 15 years experience, I wouldn’t be doing a coaching program. but I feel like I got so much built up in here that I wanna still give. And it’ll be a long road if I do it one at a time.

[00:29:00] Audra Carpenter: Holey

[00:29:00] Henry Kaminski: moley!

[00:29:01] What I’m thinking about doing Audra is saying, listen, come in for 15 days.

[00:29:07] Try it out, come to two events, cuz you’ll get two events in 15 days, you’ll get two live, but then you get access to everything. and see if it’s something that you wanna stick around in. And if you don’t let the door hit you in the butt. If you think that we can help you well then come in, come stay.

[00:29:23] And I that’s the way I’m gonna, I think I’m going to market this. Okay. it’s nothing new. It’s nothing to try before you buy. and the free trial is nothing new. But that’s what feels really comfortable for me cuz I wanna make sure that the people in there are actually going to get results with my program.

[00:29:40] Audra Carpenter: Here’s the other thing that I think you’ve got an advantage over a lot of other recent coaches, your experience, you and I are more alike. We’re more of a generalist with a few specialties, right? So you’re generalist, but you’ve got a few expertise, like design, like strategy where you can go, from [00:30:00] 10,000 feet down, I’m the same way.

[00:30:02] can touch anything when it comes to marketing or building businesses, things like that. But there’s a handful that I am really good at. just me personally in the weeds all the way up and down, you’re gonna have a tough time keeping up. Most coaches are not like that. They know one topic I’ve talked to quite a few of them, and I’m like, what do you do if your guy should not be running TikTok ads, what do you do with them?

[00:30:27] Audra Carpenter: what’s our content strategy. What’s happening with their email, where’s their video marketing, they don’t have that knowledge to be able to find other solutions to help that student get results because there’s no knowledge there and something happened maybe five or seven years ago where everybody said go away from being a generalist and become a specialist.

[00:30:47] But I think that is actually not serving people because marketing is holistic and you need to be able to look at all of it to make the best recommendations for that individual. If you tell them you gotta go out and you gotta do lives every single day, and they’re an introvert and a C type personality, you’ve set them up for failure.

[00:31:07] but some people don’t know that, right? They’re saying,no, you gotta fit in this coaching box that I’ve put you in. And I can’t customize it at all. To fit your personality to make sure you succeed.

[00:31:21] Henry Kaminski: It’s not gonna work. it’s not gonna work so right. That’s something that you really have to pay attention to.

[00:31:27] and I feel like you I’ve been around these coaches and I’ve been around these programs for the past decade. And I saw things that I really loved. I saw things that were challenging crappy. Yeah. Yeah. And I [00:31:40] was like, I’m just gonna do what I do best. And those people will come.here’s one other difference though. You’ve actually built it. You’ve been in the weeds. You’ve built it from scratch was again, a little bit different than some of the coaches today. And this conversation wasn’t to bash current coaches, but there’s a difference between.

[00:32:00] somebody that can actually deliver results because they’ve been around and built through the stages versus somebody that just comes out and says, I have an expertise and I’m just gonna sell you that one result.

[00:32:11] Henry Kaminski: I totally get that. And I think, when you see the big picture, it, it makes everything else make sense, right?

[00:32:18] Yeah. You have to have that. And I think that’s, what’s gonna help become a better subject matter expert in anything is to make sure that you have the full perspective and you can specialize in certain things, for sure. Sure. Yeah, sure. I, we’re building out this cannabis dispensary now in New Jersey.

[00:32:35] my partner and I, and we’ve hired specialists. For that, that have been in the industry for a decade and a half. And,our interior designer, I was telling you before she’s owned and operated a dispensary for a decade beautiful and got into the interior design. So those are added advantages

[00:32:53] Henry Kaminski: to hiring a firm like that. So versus hiring, just, somebody that does, retail design, right? Yeah. They’re gonna, help us to a point, but they’re not gonna have those little nuggets right. That, that are really gonna move the needle for us. So yeah. it, you make complete sense out of what you’re saying.

[00:33:14] Okay.

[00:33:14] Audra Carpenter: So I wanna ask you, what’s the challenge of you launching this coaching program? [00:33:20] you’ve been, I think emotionally and mentally, for years, knowing this was a direction you needed to go. What’s the challenge of preventing you from having it live now?

[00:33:30] the big challenge is just getting everything done really?

[00:33:34] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. In a small amount of time. But I think the big challenge will be once it’s live is yeah. Getting it in front of the right people. So that’s gonna take a lot of effort on me. Sure. I’m gonna have to get on more shows and do more live streams and right. and in different things and really sell the reason to be in my program and not everybody else’s program.

[00:33:56] And I think the big challenges for those folks that don’t know who I am to trust me. And that’s why I do what I do online. So consistently because what in this screen right now is what you get when you’re sitting next to me. And that’s very far and few right.

[00:34:15] Audra Carpenter: What you see is what you get.

[00:34:17] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. And that’s something that I believe is what’s going to make this program successful is for those folks to really just get a sense of who I am and what my soul is meant for on this earth. And those people are gonna say, yeah, I believe in him and he’s worth a hundred bucks a month hands down.

[00:34:34] Audra Carpenter: Yeah. So what would be your strategy if you didn’t wanna go live every day or become a guru or a face or personality online. Can you still launch a successful coaching program?

[00:34:47] Henry Kaminski: I think so, but what you would have to do is leverage other people’s audiences. You would have to do some sort of affiliate marketing of some, let them do all the marketing, maybe lifting day yeah. For you and have them drive. And then you’d have to [00:35:00] obviously give them a cut of that. look at what GrubHub is doing with Amazon prime right now.

[00:35:04] that’s huge. Beautiful. So I’m like, holy crap. That was GrubHub. Never has to spend a dime in marketing again. so that

[00:35:11] Audra Carpenter: very strategic move.

[00:35:12] Henry Kaminski: Yeah. So for those folks that don’t know, yeah. Please Amazon. Yeah. Amazon prime or GrubHub connected with Amazon prime and every Amazon prime member now gets access to free GrubHub.

[00:35:25] So there’s 159 million prime members in the United States. That was a smart move on grub ups part. So yeah, I think if you didn’t wanna be, if you didn’t wanna be a voice or a thing, you know, it’s funny you say that because if you didn’t wanna be a voice, if you didn’t wanna have the impact, if you didn’t wanna do all of that, I doubt you would have one of these programs to begin with.

[00:35:45] because even Chris do he calls himself the loud introvert. But he still gets out there. Yeah. But he still gets out there and puts, and it’s not a show cuz I’ve spent weekends with this man with his son and it’s what is what you get with him.

[00:35:59] Henry Kaminski: And right.

[00:36:00] Audra Carpenter: If you guys pause for a second, if you guys don’t know who Chris Do is, go look him up. He’s at the Futur. And it’s spelled F U T U R yeah, no E yeah. F U T U R definitely worth watching. He’s a very, interesting and intelligent human being, how he puts training together.

[00:36:19] Yeah. And business and

[00:36:20] Henry Kaminski: business, and 25 years, 25 years experience. And he’s taught at these elite design schools, why would you not wanna learn from, Yeah. So I don’t, I, I have a master’s degree. I have two, two common club awards. I have some accolades behind me.

[00:36:36] But that’s not, what’s going to sell the program. What’s going to sell [00:36:40] the program is their connection to me.

[00:36:42] Audra Carpenter: Agreed . All right. So somebody else is in that place where I have expertise. I think that my skills are best utilized, launching a coaching program. What would be your advice to them on where to start?

[00:36:57] Henry Kaminski: Yeah, so you gotta do your homework. Okay. You really gotta do your homework. what’s the purpose. I actually have this written What’s the purpose of the group, right? What is the promise that you can 100% deliver, right? And then what’s the success path. Like you have to be very clear on what the 10 yard, the 20 to 30, 40 50 yard looks like.

[00:37:20] All the way to the end zone on what they can expect to get. What they could expect to go through that’s number one. And I, another great thing I did was I went on a little buying spree and I had a budget and I got into five or six different coaching programs. And I spent the month really immersing myself in every single one of them and figuring out what I loved, what I hated and then coming back and figuring out, all right, what could go into mine that makes the most sense and feels the best. And, so that homework is essential, but I’d agree. It’s gotta it.

[00:37:56] You gotta have that promise. You gotta have what the result is. Another thing that I was taught was you gotta base it on a result, so like when you come out of my program, what are you gonna get. you’re gonna have much more clarity, much more focus, You’re gonna be way more efficient.

[00:38:14] You’re gonna know how to get the awareness out there. You’re gonna know how to generate the right [00:38:20] revenue. You’re gonna know how to handle those objections,and so you’ll have all of that on your tool belt. So that you could get out there and really start to make some moves. And so that I could say with confidence because I’ve done it.

[00:38:33] Audra Carpenter: Well, and I think that coaching, when you wanna get into group coaching, this is one of the exceptions that, you should build it before you try to sell. because without going through all the processes and having some beta group where they can go through to guarantee that they’re gonna get to that result, this is not a product that you wanna build on the fly, unless your people understand that you can’t guarantee there’s gonna be a result there, Based on that timeline that you gave them. So six month program or six week program, if you’ve not actually run it, how are you gonna make sure that your students are getting that result? So this is one of those exceptions. I know from a marketing perspective, we always sell, go find the audience first and then build the product for them.

[00:39:17] But this is one that you may have to take a different approach to yeah.

[00:39:21] Henry Kaminski: And build your community first. Build your audience first. Yeah. Get out there and be very transparent on what you’re doing. And make sure you have some sort of audience, because you could put a ton of time and effort into this and try to get out there and launch it.

[00:39:35] Nobody knows who the hell you are.

[00:39:37] Audra Carpenter: That’s what I’m doing. , that’s a challenge. So I’m a great example of this and I’ll make sure that it’s documented, but I built it without a community because I’m from the agency side. So I’m not used to having to be in the front. And so I’m doing a little backfill.

[00:39:53] I definitely learned my lessons. Look at the podcast you’re creating out of

[00:39:56] Audra Carpenter: it. Yeah. So it makes complete sense. So yeah, you’ll [00:40:00] start to build this audience through promoting this right. Which will lead to look at me. And however, me and Russell got. I know

[00:40:08] very random. It’s gonna be the same thing for you guys.

[00:40:10] Yeah, it’ll take a minute. Alright. So any last thoughts that you would like to share with our new audience that’s in the same place with you? Yes. They’re in the weeds. They’re trying to figure out systems. They’re taking some steps forward, a few steps backwards. They’re having tough days. What would be your advice?

[00:40:28] Henry Kaminski: This is the best advice I could give you. And it’s got nothing to do with technical or tactical or any of I ran across this quote I don’t know who it was, whether it was Les brown or somebody, it came up in, in my meditations recently. it really struck They said whoever this person they said on your gravestone, you have your birth date. And your death and neither of those dates matter. It’s that little hyphen in the middle of those that mean the most. To the people that you’ve interacted with. And to yourself. So what do you want that hyphen, that dash to stand for And let that be the wind on your back. That puts you in the right direction. Beautiful,

[00:41:18] Audra Carpenter: Well, Henry, thank you so much for sharing on my podcast and getting all of this up and running. It’s been great to catch up. I definitely wanna check back with you in six months and see where you’re at with the coaching and the cannabis and everything else and see where it’s going.

[00:41:35] Henry Kaminski: Oh, I’m so excited. Thank you so much for calling this out. Yeah. oh, I know. That’s, [00:41:40] I’m so excited. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. thanks everybody. You as well, take care. .


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