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Helping You Manage Customer Service


The Zendesk Suite is an all-in-one customer service management platform that lets customers request chasts, make calls, or send you emails without ever having to leave your app or website. Zendesk enables you to embed your customer support right into your website or app, which enables customers to help themselves get to the answers they need.


Send and receive unlimited phone calls, let an answer bot tackle common questions and concerns, and get powerful data on your customers to help you improve how you do business.

With everything in one place, you can organize and be proactive in managing customer interactions. Built-in AI helps you to pair customers with the right agents, send reminders to owners of abandoned carts, and gain insights into the wants and needs of your customers.

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  • Zendesk Support
  • Suite Team: $49/mo/agent
  • Suite Growth: $79/mo/agent
  • Suite Professional: $99/mo/agent

Pricing model:


Free trial:


Key Features

  • Embed support on any website or app
  • Responsive Help Center
  • Answer Bot
  • Proactive triggers
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Unified workspace
  • Skill-based routing
  • Instant Customer Context
  • Historical Reporting


  • Chast, call, and talk to customers all from your website or app
  • AI-enabled responses to common questions
  • Send reminders to customers automatically
  • Unified workspace so you can manage all channels in one place
  • Faster and more accurate responses to customers



Zendesk is for any business or business owner that needs a tool to organize and manage customer service interactions. Zendesk puts all customer conversations in one place, so you can easily organize and manage each interaction to be sure your customers are receiving the best service possible.

Newly formed small businesses and massive enterprises alike can benefit from using Zendesk. Zendesk improves how business owners interact with their customers. They can help improve the speed, consistency, and efficiency of your customer service, and with AI, can help you learn and improve from every interaction. Develop deeper customer loyalty and improve how you answer customer questions with Zendesk.

“Zendesk makes it easy to manage your Support/Customer Service queue, offering a user-friendly dashboard, custom modes for communicating with users/customers, and bench-marking statistics, both within your team and against industry averages that help you understand how you stack up against other team members as well as competitors.”