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your real-time shared whiteboard in the cloud

The easiest way to brainstorm and document your thoughts and strategies. The power of many: use GroupZap to create breakthrough brainstorming sessions with your team.

Use it to develop your business strategy, name a product or identify the solutions to issues in your organization.

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It can be used for conference calls for example, and the built-in whiteboard allows users to write, draw, and add sticky notes for easy planning and viewing.

Create a free board today!

Who is Product for? 

Small business

“GroupZap is a tool for you and your team to collaborate on ideas in real-time, even if you’re not in the same room”

Key Features

  • Create a whiteboard
  • Invite your Team
  • Get stuck in
  • Moodboard or Document Store
  • Freedom of choice
  • Silent Brainstorm
  • Playback and Rewind
  • Distribute conclusions
  • Follow up and Review


  • The ability to create a whiteboard. Users can create a fresh new board for any topic or issue they wish to discuss. New boards are free to use, and instantly available to all members without signing up. Only e-mail addresses are needed. You can create as many boards as you like.
  • Easy sharing access – All you need to do to share your whiteboard is to copy and paste the URL of the board with other team members. Then once users click it, they are stuck in.
  • Many different options and choices. -You can use stickers, backgrounds, notes, writing, drawing to brainstorm your ideas.
  • Playback and rewind. – The entire history of the whiteboard is recorded so you can rewind and review how certain ideas came about.
  • It is easy for the group members to communicate online. The group members can use the Group Zap to post the notice and communicate.
  • It is easy for the group members to sharing information. The group members can use the Group Zap to post the useful information.
  • All the group members can edit and see the notes, it is convenient for adding information and communicate. The clear whiteboard gives the members a good view of what we should do for the project.

Starting at:

They offer their Basic Plan for Free. You can create as many whiteboards as you like for free. However, 24 hours after they are created, they can no longer be changed unless you take advantage of one of our paid-for plans:

Silver Subscription – $10 per Month
Gold Subscription – $25 per Month
Enterprise Subscription – Contact GroupZap


Pricing model: 

Free and Subscription

Free trial:

No free trial offered. You can try GroupZap for free forever.

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