PRODUCTIVITY was created to let people attach reminders instantly to any email
Zindo Editorial Staff, Team of Marketing Experts

2 December 2017 was created to let people attach reminders instantly to any email.

PRICE: Starts at $23/mo  |  Visit Site

Since then, users have been scheduling their to-do list, scheduling tasks for others and keep conversations on track!

Your reminder will trigger as an email at the top of your inbox.

Who is Product for?

An essential tool for:

  • Sales teams that benefit from email data, client insights and productivity.
  • Business professionals managing tasks and developing business relationships.
  • Anyone striving for Inbox Zero.

“See the strength of your relationships, which way they’re trending, and how you can improve them.”

Key Features

  • Schedule Emails to be sent in the future
  • See when your Emails are opened
  • Schedule Email reminders and recurring reminders
  • Bookmark web pages for later reading
  • Manage reminders in your google calendar
  • Manage salesforce contacts in Gmail


  • Never forget about an important email ever again
  • Easiest way to stay on top of all of your email conversations
  • Following up with an important client after a big meeting
  • Checking-in with customers to make sure they’re happy
  • Setting reminders for yourself

Starting at

Kickstart your pipeline with modern sales tools for your growing team for $23/month per user.

Upgrade to the Executive Team Plan for $36 per user/month 


Pricing model



Free trial

Yes, all plans including the Starter as a free trial to try before you decide to upgrade to Premium plans.

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