Engage Your Audience with Livestream Video – The Tech Basics You Need to Know

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Livestream video is a popular method for businesses right now to engage directly with their audience. Consider using it to interact in real-time with your customers and boost your brand.

It’s easy to get started but in order to achieve more professional results, you need to offer a high-quality product.

Here are some tips on the tech considerations for successful livestreaming. 

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Is Your PC or Phone Enough?

You can use your computer, laptop, or even smartphone for your livestream. The built-in cameras and microphones today are high quality and you can host your video through software programs or livestreaming apps. 

However, once you get started doing livestreams, you may feel the need to upgrade your microphone or video camera for better quality.

A full HD or 4K camera can vastly improve the image for your viewers. A condenser mic will offer better sound quality.  

If you’re using your smartphone or another mobile device, use a selfie stick or tripod to stabilize so the image isn’t shaky. This can be distracting. 

Keep Your Setup Simple

You can easily fall into a rabbit hole of buying gear and creating an elaborate setup. But keep in mind that if your studio is covered with complex gadgets and tools, you’ll need time to set them all up each time.

On the other hand, if you use only a smartphone and an app, you can plug in and go whenever you’re ready to start. Start simple and only add gear when you absolutely need it. 

The Speed You Need

Do you know your network and bandwidth? Make sure you know so that you’ll have the speed you need for a good video presentation.

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Generally, wired networks are more stable and reliable than WiFi. Do a test run with your internet connection to see if it’s strong enough. 

Encoding and Resolution

You’ll need to select encoder settings. The most recommended video codec is H.264.

For resolution, you can choose multiple resolutions and bitrates to accommodate different viewers. High resolution means higher bandwidth and your viewers’ devices may not be able to support it, so it’s good to offer multiple options.

Have Backups Ready

As much as possible, have a backup for every piece of gear you’re using. If something doesn’t work properly or dies on you, the show must go on.

While you may not be able to maintain a backup PC or other large gear, at least keep backup cables and connectors handy. These are cheap so whenever you buy a cable or connector, buy two. 

Watch and Improve

Run a test before you go live and watch your past livestreams. How does it look and sound? Use this to determine whether you need to upgrade and make quality improvements.

You can also ask for viewer feedback to get more ideas for improvement. 

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Engage Your Audience With Live Video

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