Easy Tool For Scheduling and Publishing Posts In Social Media


Postcron is an easy tool to schedule and publish posts on your social networks!


With Postcron you will save time and energy because you can publish to your Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ accounts simultaneously in seconds.

Spend less time and money, and gain quality time to do what you want.



  • Personal-$12.00/mo
  • Entrepreneur-$24.00/mo
  • Corporate-$59.00/mo
  • Enterprise-$169.00/mo
  • Pricing above reflects annual pricing


Pricing model:


Free trial:

No free trial

Key Features

  • For advanced users of Social Media, Postcron has an option to “Auto-Schedule” posts. All you have to do is define the predefined publishing times and then Postcron automatically assigns the corresponding time to each new post you add.
  • Upload up to 1,000 posts at the same time with the Bulk Uploader
  • Schedule or post immediately on your social networks without leaving the site you’re on, by using the Publisher Extension for Chrome:)
  • Postcron also has a useful characteristic for those who want to gain more visibility for their brand:
  • Watermarks, this is a feature that automatically adds your brand’s logo to every image you publish. You can choose the position, size, and level of transparency! It’s really easy and you’ll gain higher visibility. It’s also ideal for photographers who want to protect their images.
  • Content Recommender: If your goal is to automate work, you will love this feature, because in just a few clicks you’ll get lists of posts from influencers to share in your social networks


  • Schedule your posts everywhere- auto-post on Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Events, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ & Pinterest all from one place
  • Add a watermark to your images automatically – Add your logo or watermark automatically on all your posts
  • Autopost and save time with their bulk uploader
  • Post up to 1000 posts, pins or tweets at once from an excel or Google doc file