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Disqus is the web’s community of communities. Online communities are where people go to connect with their passions.

Disqus makes them better through more enjoyable discussions.

And then links all those communities so it’s easier to discover and discuss new stuff worth talking about.


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Disqus reaches over 1 billion people a month, 2.5 million registered communities, and over 100M active commenter profiles.

The service offers a networked comment system used to foster engagement and connect audiences from around the web.

Disqus looks to make it very easy and rewarding for people to interact on websites using its system.

Build engaged communities, fuel colorful discussions, and efficiently moderate comments.


Commenters can build a reputation and carry their contributions from one website to the next.

Using the Disqus’ built-in network effects, bloggers and publishers can expect a higher volume and higher quality of conversations by using the discussion platform.

Who is Product for?

Anyone looking to build active communities on their blog or website

“We wouldn’t be a popular website without the comments and engagement we get through Disqus.”

Key Features

  • Build your community
  • Handles commenting on your blog or website


  • Easy to install
  • Integrates seamlessly
  • Free


Starting at:

Free, Ads Supported
Get all of the core Disqus features including:
Engage comments plug-in, advanced spam filtering, moderation tools, basic analytics, configurable ads, and more.



$10 per month
Under 50,000 total daily pageviews
Get everything in Disqus Basic and the option to turn ads on and off.
  • Ads Optional


$99 per month
Under 250,000 total daily pageviews
Get everything in Disqus Basic, Plus, and more.
  • Automated Pre-moderation
  • Shadow Banning
  • Audience Analytics


Custom pricing
Their sales team will work with you to develop a custom package of features for your organization.

Pricing model:

Free & Subscription


Free trial:

Yes, 30-day trial for paid plans


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