Create, Sell Tickets, and Manage Your Event


Guestlist is an easy-to-use tool that makes creating, selling tickets to, and managing events easier than ever before.

With Guestlist, setting up an event and organizing ticket sales can take mere minutes.

Simply input the information about your event, let Guestlist know which tickets to sell, and Guestlist does the rest for you.

Choose to have Guestlist create a beautiful site for your ticket sales, or embed Guestlist’s code into your own site so your customers never have to go searching for tickets.

Use Guestlist to track ticket sales. Update ticket holders on the event, or have Guestlist automatically send customers reminders to buy tickets for future events.

With Guestlist, the job of sharing, selling tickets to, and organizing event attendees has never been easier.


Guestlist works with events of all sizes. For small events we automatically build a beautiful website for your event and let you customize how it looks.

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Free Events: Free; use Guestlist for free as long as you don’t charge for tickets
Paid Events: 2% commission, never exceeding $10/ticket + processing fee

Pricing model:

Free, Commission Percentage

Free trial:


Key Features

  • Online payments using Stripe or PayPal
  • Automatic ticketing website creation for small events
  • Ticketing software
  • Track payments and sales
  • Automated updates for attendees
  • Event reminders


  • Embed Guestlist’s code and use their ticketing on your site, or enjoy a beautiful free landing page for ticket sales created by Guestlist
  • Easy tracking
  • Faster, hassle-free updates and reminders to attendees
  • Easily take payments without needing your own payment system
  • Create and share events in minutes



Whether you need to arrange a small, free event for a few dozen folks or you need to sell tickets to hundreds of customers, Guestlist is the tool for you.

Guestlist makes the job of creating an event page, selling tickets, and tracking sales easier, and significantly reduces the amount of paperwork and tedious busy-work you have to do.

Guestlist allows users to create an event, share their event with customers, send automatic updates to attendees, sell tickets, and even track the sales and event progress.

Guestlist can handle everything, so you can focus on making sure your event goes off without a hitch. Need an update sent to every single person attending?

No problem, Guestlist can do that. Need a website for customers to buy tickets to your event? No problem, Guestlist can do that too.

“Guestlist is super easy to use and works perfectly when embedding ticket sales into your site or using their hosted, really nice landing page. Integrating their booking tool into your website is as easy as copy/pasting two code snippets, and you’re ready to sell tickets and accept payments. Setting up events offers a wide variety of options such as ticket sale cutoffs and ticket tier pricing. Why is this so hard to find on other competing software?”