4 Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income Through Your Signature System

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A unique signature system is a great way to earn multiple streams of income.

Using your expertise, you can teach your audience how to solve specific problems and this can lead to further profits.

Here are four ways you can spin your signature system out into multiple streams of income. 

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#1 Enlarge or Diminish

Take one step or a few steps of your signature system and expand it to create a new system. Or, turn your system into one step of a larger system that teaches something more complex and involved.

This is a great way to leverage your content and repurpose it.

For example, you’re offering a program on writing and publishing books quickly. It teaches how to turn out a novel every four months.

Take one step, which describes how to self-publish, and create a whole new program that teaches your self-publishing system.

Another example would be turning your system on how to grow a blog’s readership into one step of a program that teaches how to launch an online business. 

#2 Upsell or Cross-Sell

Tell people who take your program about other products or services that you offer. Find something relevant that your participants can use.

This is a great way to drive sales for a higher-ticket item or promote a related service. Your signature program establishes you as an expert, and then your audience comes to you for the various kinds of help they need. 

If you’re offering a program that teaches a simple daily fitness program for busy working people, you might offer participants fitness products to help them with their workout routine, general healthcare products, or your online coaching service.

#3 Bundle Products and Offer More Value

Put your signature system together with other relevant content.

The content could be something like resources, worksheets, information products, a video course, coaching sessions, and so on. Adding content to your program increases its value for your customers. 

If you’re teaching your time management system to solo entrepreneurs, you could offer time-planning charts or templates, a timer app you developed, or a report on different time management strategies.

Offer any one of these extras, any combination, or all of them for even more value. 

#4 Create Your Next System

Many businesses build multiple streams of income by offering a variety of signature programs. These different programs are all related to the same core topic.

They could focus on different problems that your target market faces, or reach out to new markets. To make this as effective as possible, gather feedback from your audience on other programs they’d like to see you offer.

For example, in addition to offering a system for decluttering your house, you might offer a program specifically for decluttering an office, or a program that teaches your weekly no-headache cleaning routine.

You may also offer signature systems for interior decorating, fixing common household problems, or simple living. 

Are you ready to start earning multiple streams of income with your signature system? 

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