Strategic Content Creation

The Art of Leveraging Other People’s Content to Magnify Your Marketing

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In this course,you’ll learn how to create a solid content curation strategy that’s ready to implement as soon as the course is over.

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:

➢  Define strategic content curation goals. Your entire curation plan rests on these goals

➢  Gain an understanding of what your audience wants and what kind of content can benefit them

➢  Uncover strategies for finding, organizing, and keeping track of the content you’re sharing

➢  Learn how to make your content unique and customize it for your audience so that it provides maximum value

➢  Discover a variety of types and methods of content curation

➢ Explore various tools that make content curation faster and easier

➢ Work through the actual steps to get you started implementing your content curation strategy.

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This course is broken down into 6 modules to take you step-by-step through establishing your content creation strategy.

  1. Module 1 – What is Content Curation
  2. Module 2 – Set Your Content Curation Goals
  3. Module 3 – Where to Find the Best Content for Your Audience
  4. Module 4 – How to Curate Content in a Unique Way
  5. Module 5 – Create Your Content Curation Calendar
  6. Conclusion and Next Steps

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All you need to complete this course is a computer (or digital device) with Internet,  and an email address if you want to email yourself your results.


  • A fill-in-the-blanks guide to help you get started
  • A PDF of the questions you will need to complete (in case you are old school and want to print it and complete it)
  • A Checklist, Action Guide, Coursebook or Cheat Sheet (which we will provide)

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