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How to harness the power of social influence to
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Social proof is ubiquitous and it’s part of everyone’s life. It’s a keystone of any marketing strategy and it’s a technique you should be incorporating in your plans.

In this mini-course you’ll learn:

  • What types of social proof are available to use and for which situations they’re appropriate
  • How to decide what types of social proof would work best for your offering
  • Methods for gaining social proof from customers that you can use in your marketing or advertising
  • How to create effective and impressive testimonials
  • Other methods beyond testimonials to convey social proof to your audience
  • “User-generated proof,” which allows you to continuously gather social proof on autopilot
  • …and more!

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When people are looking for a product or service, they are thinking to themselves, in a positive mode: “How is this product or service going to help me.” There’s also a negative side to their thinking. They’re saying to themselves, “Can I trust this business?” or “Is this product or service going to fall short of my expectations and let me down?”

Lesson 1: The What and How of Social Proof 

Lesson 2: Obtaining Social Proof from Your Customers

Lesson 3: Beyond the Testimonial: More Tactics for Using Social Proof 

Lesson 4: Putting Your Social Proof into Practice

Lesson 5: Keep Building Your Social File

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All you need to complete this course is a computer (or digital device) with Internet,  and an email address if you want to email yourself your results.


  • A fill-in-the-blanks guide to help you get started
  • A PDF of the questions you will need to complete (in case you are old school and want to print it and complete it)
  • A Checklist, Action Guide, Coursebook or Cheat Sheet (which we will provide)

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