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How to Retain and Re-Engage Your Customers for Increased
Loyalty and Repeat Sales

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In this course, you’ll learn how your retention and reengagement strategies can be enhanced by using Customer Lifecycle Marketing. You’ll discover what you need to do to keep existing customers coming back for more and how to bring former customers back into the fold and grow your income as a result.

  • Identify the phases of the Customer Lifecycle Marketing Model and how it enables you to keep customers for life 
  • Collect data that shows your customers’ buying behaviors over time, so that you have objective information to inform your marketing decisions
  • Gather feedback from customers about why they stay and why they leave, so you can plan effective strategies for retention and reengagement
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what’s important to your customers, so that you continue to provide appropriate solutions to their problems 
  • Choose practical tactics to keep your ideal customers happy, so that they will want to stay with you and refer you to others
  • Gain a deeper understanding of why some customers leave, so you can identify what will reignite their interest and bring them back 
  • Decide which practical tactics you will use to successfully bring former customers back into your business orbit, so you can target future opportunities to them 

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You’ll choose practical tactics to apply immediately to your own business which will help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers to establish a successful Customers for Life strategy.

Module 1 – How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Gives You Customers for Life

Module 2 – Your Current Situation
Lesson 1: Know Your Customer Stats
Lesson 2: Know Your Customers’ “Why?”

Module 3 – Keep Your Current Customers Happy
Lesson 1: Get to Know Your Customers Better
Lesson 2: How to Retain Customers

Module 4 – Bring Customers Back into the Fold
Lesson 1: Find Out What Will Reignite Their Interest
Lesson 2: Entice Them Back

Module 5 – Bring it all together

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All you need to complete this course is a computer (or digital device) with Internet,  and an email address if you want to email yourself your results.


  • A fill-in-the-blanks guide to help you get started
  • A PDF of the questions you will need to complete (in case you are old school and want to print it and complete it)
  • A Checklist, Action Guide, Coursebook or Cheat Sheet (which we will provide)

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