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If you’ve never written a sales page before, then you’ll learn the ‘how-to’ details in this course.

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the key elements of a high-converting sales page, so that you can ensure your page contains everything to help you make the conversions you need.
  • Drill down into your ideal customer profile, so you can write sales copy that speaks to them and creates an immediate connection.
  • Clarify the benefits and features of your offer, so that you can show you have the solution your prospective customers are searching for.
  • Choose and clearly explain your pricing strategy, so that you demonstrate the value of your offer and make it easy for people to say “Yes.” 
  • And so much more!
Let’s get started!

If you’ve tried selling online before but haven’t had much luck generating sales, you need to use the high-converting strategies covered in this course.

Module 1: Get Inspired

Module 2: Target Your Ideal Customer

Module 3: Define the Unique Value of Your Offer

Module 4: Choose Your Pricing Strategy

Module 5: Draft Persuasive Sales Copy

Module 6: Engage Your Visitors at a Glance

Module 7: Inspire Trust

Module 8: Anticipate Objections 

Module 9: Use Urgency and Scarcity in Your Sales Copy

Module 10: Make Your Sales Page Flow Towards a Sale

Module 11: Use Design to Increase Conversions 

All you need to complete this course is a computer (or digital device) with Internet,  and an email address if you want to email yourself your results.


  • A fill-in-the-blanks guide to help you get started
  • A PDF of the questions you will need to complete (in case you are old school and want to print it and complete it)
  • A Checklist, Action Guide, Coursebook or Cheat Sheet (which we will provide)

That’s it…it’s that easy!  Now let’s get started




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