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By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:


  • How to take a fresh look at why you are in business and what your aims are for your business growth, so that you can reconnect with what motivates you
  • Reaffirm your ideal target market and specify your ideal
    customer profile, so that you know exactly who to market to
  • Get a snapshot of the financial situation of your business, so that you understand the resources available to you
  • Define what you do well as a business, so that you recognize what already works for you
  • Assess the places in your business where you aren’t performing strongly, so that you can take steps to lessen or eliminate those weaknesses
  • And so much more……

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This course is broken down into 13 modules. In this course, you’ll methodically review all aspects of your current business and identify what you have going for you and what might be working against you. Then once you have these insights, you will lay the stepping stones for your future growth.

  1. Reconnecting with the “Why” of Your Business
  2. Revisit Your Ideal Customer
  3. Clarify Your Current Profit Picture
  4. Reveal Your Strength Assets
  5. Pin Down Your Business Weaknesses
  6. Uncover Your Hidden Opportunities
  7. Tackle the Threats to Your Business
  8. Explore Your Marketing Potential
  9. Assess Your Team’s Development
  10. Reconsider Your Business Processes and Tools
  11. Create Your Business Growth Plan
  12. Key Metrics for Your Business Growth Plan
  13. Create Your Milestones and Deadlines

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All you need to complete this course are a computer with Internet, a knowledge of what your product/service is about or going to be about, and an email address if you want to email yourself your results.


  • A fill-in-the-blanks guide to help you get started
  • A PDF of the questions you will need to complete (in case you are old school and want to print it and complete it)
  • A Checklist, Action Guide or Cheatsheet (which we will provide)

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