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Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

In this course you’ll prepare your business to take on a VA, follow a step-by-step recruiting process, find strategies to build solid systems, and create in-depth training so your chosen VA will be effective and productive as soon as possible.

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The Power of Live Video Marketing

You’ll follow step-by-step through the process of preparing and delivering a successful livestream, so that you have first-hand experience of using this medium with your followers.

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Target Marketing Fundamentals

No matter what type of business you have, you need a target market. There are people who want and need your products, and the goal of your marketing efforts is to connect with them. Without a clearly defined target market, you’re taking shots in the dark and just hoping that you’ll find people who will buy.

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Strategic Content Creation

In this course,you’ll learn how to create a solid content curation strategy that’s ready to implement as soon as the course is over.

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Social Proof Strategies

In this mini-course you’ll learn what types of social proof are available to use and for which situations they’re appropriate.

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Personal Storytelling in Business

Storytelling is universal and has existed since the beginning of human history. Yet in business, we often forget to tell our stories and this is a shame, because stories are one of the best ways to connect with customers and encourage them to take action.

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On-Camera Video Basics

You will learn tips to help you create more professional videos, and quickly overcome the unfamiliarity of speaking in front of a camera.

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Keep Your Customers for Life

You’ll discover what you need to do to keep existing customers coming back for more and how to bring former customers back into the fold and grow your income as a result.

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How to Create Sales Pages that Convert

In this course, you’ll learn exactly what to do to achieve those sought-after sign-ups. If you’ve never written a sales page before, then you’ll learn the ‘how-to’ details in this course.

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Essential Sales Skills

You’ll discover ways to collaborate with your prospects and coach them to make the right decision for their unique needs, so that they’re completely satisfied with their purchase.

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Email Copywriting Essentials

In this course, we’re going to be focusing on the essentials of what you need to do to write engaging, high-converting emails.

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